A dive-in to Frida's wardrobe.

Morning! I've done something really embarrassing, which is record myself while holding up some of my favorite wardrobe pieces in order for you guys to see.

I here welcome you to enjoy my weird voice, constant hair flips and bad judgement. 

PLEASE tell me if you think this is totally irrelevant and boring because it would be horrible if I'm doing this for nothing. 

By the way! Speaking of clothes, my dear dear dear friend Jakob is launching his own label today. Him and a friend has created a Mandarin collar shirt that they're selling under the name Jay and Lee's. Go check it out here. Right off the bat here, but isn't it a perfect xmas gift for your big bro or dad or maybe for yourself to wear oversized with some sort of light denim? 

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Update: The song is So Good by Nao and A.K Paul.