Under the Influence

I saw a beautiful movie yesterday. The Netflix documentary on Keith Richards: Under The Influence. 

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Music documentaries are like a drug to me and this one was no exception. What I liked so much about it was that it was more about music than Keith Richard's drug and alcohol problem that so often ends up being the center of stories about him. 

He talks about inspiration when growing up, like Billie Holiday and Chuck Berry. How he was craving for music that made him feel something and how all of that came from America.

He tells us the story about how him and Mick met on a train one morning and how that was the starting point for The Rolling Stones. 

It's a perfect mix of flashbacks and present day, with Keith riding a cab laughing a laugh that gives away the fact that he's been shooting up and drinking ten too many whiskey's a night during a few years time. 

My favorite part is when he talks about how they got to New York City for the first time and it was like a new world opened up to them. "Mum, I'm in New York City. I'll tell you more later." Gold.  

The footage from when they hung out in the south of France to record and cut Exile on Main Street is like being hit in the face with late 60s/early 70s sexiness. He talks about how he during that time got inspired by Gram Parsons and country.

And you know, seeing a band in a studio (especially in the early 70s) makes you want to drop life and become a musician. There's literally something aching inside of me when I see stuff like that. Like, that should be me.

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It's fantastic to see how someone so great can get a bit thrown off by the realization of how they've turned into a legend. 

Such a nice piece of work. Make sure to watch it and get inspired. 

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