Room in New York

Hey angels. I need your help! If you read this blog regularly you know that I'll be moving to New York soon. I'm hoping to fly over first or second week of November depending on when my visa is done. For the first week or two I'll be crashing with friends and during that time I'll sort out a more permanent living situation. 

So... I know there are some souls in NYC reading this blog and I also know that people tend to have friends. And they probably have friends who also have friends and maybe someone down the line knows of an empty room where I could live. And so I'm talking to you, kid. Do you know anything? Or have any leads for me at all? I will obviously go on Craigslist and all that jazz as soon as I'm there, but I thought I'd ask you first. 

Areas I'm interested in include, but are not limited to: Downtown (preferably East Village/LES but who's picky?), Williamsburg, Bushwick and Greenpoint. But really, if you know of something in another area holla anyways because I might get despo. 

My budget is 1500. And I'm allergic to cats. 

Aside from that I'm an awesome roommate with terrific taste in music. I keep it clean and tidy around me without being neat freaky. I share my food when I cook. And I give hugs you wish could last forever.

If you think you could help me, send an e-mail to: 

Peace n love <3