Hey! Let's talk music, shall we?

My Spotify profile

This is my Spotify profile. I'm very OCD when it comes to my playlists and stuff like that and can sometimes sit for hours just to organize. My thoughts go "is it better to have playlists that follows different moods? is it better to have it after time periods?" etc etc. But I feel like I've had a good flow for a while now, creating a new playlist when I've moved to a new city. What I like about it is that if I play my London playlist for example, it takes me straight back. Magic. Anyways....

My playlists

Skärmavbild 2015-10-26 kl. 16.43.39.png

MCLOVIN is where I collect all my favorite songs. This playlist is famous among my friends because 1. it has awesome music on it and 2. it was constantly in people's facebook feeds because I didn't know how to enable the "let people see what you're listening to" setting. WRITE is, well, my writing playlist. I usually don't listen to it when I work, but more when I'm writing on personal stuff. It's slow and sappy because that's what I like to listen to when I want to get in the mode. NEW YORK 2.0 is my newest playlist and I plan on filling it with cozy winter tunes. STOCKHOLM is one big mix of hiphop and r&b and electronic pop.

HAMBURG is filled with songs that I either get really sad listening to or the complete opposite. Probably because I was a mess and sometimes just wanted to cry and feel sorry for myself and the next second I wanted to run run run as far as I could as fast as I could. NEW YORK is hiphop and clean pop and just a bundle of joy. And I can't listen to it. BERLIN makes me think of dark nights and snow and walking around in Neukölln on a sunny Sunday morning when everything was closed. It's pretty chill. LONDON 2.0 takes me back to mine, JJ's and Amelie's disgusting apartment in Shadwell where we'd sit up late drinking beer and listen to Kendrick Lamar's i and JJ would show me dope youtube videos of improv rap. 

LONDON is from when I used to live there in 2012. It's just dancing and happiness and smells of spring and youth in Hackney. HUH. RECOMMENDED ALBUMS 2015 is a playlist from Huh Magazine where they post albums they dig. LIFE by Kindness is a playlist songs he likes and get inspired by. CARIBOU - THE LONGEST MIXTAPE is a wonderful mix of everything brought to you by Caribou. I always play it when I don't know what to listen to. 

And last, but not least, my friend Max's playlist MOON Y is filled with saucy slow jams that's perfect for working or drinking tea or whatever. 

My favorite songs right now: 

Simple Things  (Remix) - Miguel, Chris Brown, Future
Hello - Adele
1Hunnid - K CAMP, Fetty Wap
Still - Seinabo Sey
Reprise (T Hemmingway Remix) - Gold Panda
Sorry - Justin Bieber
Första låten - Titiyo

How I find new music

It always happens to me that I break the songs I listen to because I listen to them too much. I'm addicted to listening to music, really. First thing I do when I get up in the morning is to put on music while I take a shower, then I listen to it on the subway, when I'm cooking, working, walking, before I go to sleep. So I often feel like I need new music.

I absolutely love Spotify. I think it's perfect how you can follow your friends and bands and others and that's where I get most of my music from. I often play the songs that my friends are listening to in the feed. Also to go on the different genres and moods is good way to find new songs. 

Update: Reader Anna recommended Discover Weekly on Spotify which is a playlist that Spotify puts together for you based on what you're listening to! It's so great! It should appear automatically in your playlist menu. 

I'm not really a big fan of music blogs. I just go on Noisey and Pitchfork from time to time.

What are you guys' favorite songs? Maybe I can put together a playlist for all of us with everyones favorite tunes? Wouldn't that be rad? Making surviving this winter a little bit easier.

So, hit me with your fave tunes in the comments!