Preparations and stuff

You guysssssss it just hit me that I'm leaving in less than a week and I feel like I am all over the place and not at all prepared and just JKAFJAÄWJDAÄDMUGBJK. Know what I'm saying? It feels like I have a shit ton of things to do before I leave. Let me list it all and then we can move on to funner things to talk about. 

  • Bringing up all my jackets and shoes (aka the stuff that takes up the most space in my bags) to measure and see if I need to buy another bag. Since I'm a realistic person I know that I will definitely have to buy one, but I'm pushing it up as far as I can. 
  • Check up how it works with CSN (the Swedish organization that provides our student loans) and if I have to start paying right away *hope not*.
  • Get my passport back from the embassy. Okay, not much for me to do here, but still it's a stress that I want relieved.
  • Look up which bank I should open a bank account with so I can do that as soon as I get there.
  • Sort out all my clothes, see what I'm brining and not. 
  • Throw out/donate all shoes I'm no longer wearing. 
  • Pack!!!!!! 

And now I'm just trying to come up with more things since I already wrote I have so much to do. But clearly it's not as much as I thought. 

So, anyways. Some of you have been wondering about this whole situation and how the hell does it work with visa and money etc etc. I haven't felt like writing about it earlier, because I was scared I was gonna jinx my own visa situation and stuff. But things have gone surprisingly well (knock on wood) so far. 

When it comes to the visa, it's a friggin jungle and I don't know half of it. I'm going on a J1 visa which is an intern/trainee visa and I got help from the agency I'll work at as well as Kilroy which is a travel agency. They helped me out with everything from providing me with paperwork and telling me to sign here and there to answer any questions I might have had. The cost for the visa depends on how long you're going for but there are some fees at apply to everyone and those add up to about 300 USD. And then the additional ones start at around 1000 USD and then they increase depending on how long you'll be there for. I paid for my visa myself, but will have a monthly salary at the agency. 

I've been looking around for rooms a little bit and just found out that I got one in the West Village. YAY! I would never in a million years have thought that I'd find a place in that area within my price range, but sometimes you're lucky. I'll be living with three boys in a newly renovated apartment. They seem so so cool and I can see us having a whole New Girl-thing going on. They've even known each other since high school and I just got glasses that makes me look even quirkier. I mean come on! It's basically set up for a single-camera sitcom.

One of you asked if I'm going alone and the answer is yes. Or I mean, I'm doing the internship by myself and not with a partner. The agency I'm going to don't really work in teams like at traditional ad agencies, which I'm thrilled about. I've always enjoyed working in bigger teams and look forward to that. However, I've got plenty of people that I know in the city. Like my classmates Louis and Ludde for example. And even if it's nerve wracking, moving to a city where I don't have my usual safety net of people, it's equally exciting. And I've never really had a problem getting to know people so I don't worry about that for a second. 

To be honest, I'm just so fucking lucky and thankful that I get to go live in a city that I love so much it's uncool and to get to work with stuff that interest me and entertains me. And as I take it from that it's just like #yolo.