A list of questions.

Tell us something that you are very proud of but you haven't got the chance to brag about?
Something I worked on during my internship in Berlin is coming out at the end of this month. I'm very proud of it, but unfortunately I can't tell you more than that because then the agency I did it with would want to kill me. But I'll tell you more about it when it's out. 

Which ones are your most frequently used emojis?

What did you do yesterday?
I was at home working on some random things, skyped with Jakob, went to my mom's office to sign some papers, went home again and continued working on random things. A very dull day. 

A picture that symbols this day:

Like this so far. In my PJ's drinking coffee, writing this. 

What did you eat for breakfast? 
My mom's homemade bread with egg and mayo on top. And coffee. 

What's your lucky number?
I don't really have one, but whenever I have to choose a number I always go for 7.

How did you look as an eighteen y/o?


First picture is from high school before geography class, second one from a day in our old garden. Cute and innocent and with two front teeth that hadn't really grown together yet. *miss that gap*

What's your latest buy?
Got myself two new basic turtlenecks last week.

Are you allergic?
Yes. To everythinnnnnggggg. I can't eat nuts, basically no fruit except citruses. I can't hug any animals with fur, although I'm becoming more and more tolerant towards dogs (*blessed*). I can't have too much dairy or I will not be fun to be around, I look like a wreck every spring as soon as any trees starts to blossom, I have asthma. And the list goes on and on and on and on....

How long have you gone without sleeping?
I don't know... When I moved home from New York I didn't get any sleep two nights in a row. One spent crying on a plane, the other up convincing myself I was preggers because I felt like throwing up. Didn't consider the fact that I hadn't gotten any sleep for like 36 hours as a reason for the nausea. Not very rock'n'roll. 

What's your everyday look?

Black and white all the wayyyy. I have this thing now that I want to wear tighter, long sleeved tops to everything. This one is my favorite, from Mads Nørgaard. I have it in black too. You can find them here.

What time in the morning do you wake up?
Now that I don't do anything during the days I find it even more important to get up at a reasonable hour so that I don't turn into a moldy turtle in my bed. So I get up at like 8-8.30. 

What's a word you never spell right?
Unfortunately. NOW I ACTUALLY DID SPELL IT RIGHT! Wow. Also gorgeuos gorguoes gorgeus gorgeous. There we go. 

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