A little update

Hi! I know it’s been quiet in here, but as you might understand it’s because I’m having too much fun and am busy installing myself back into this dream of a city. Also because we don’t have wi-fi in our apartment yet. But anyways, update:

I’ve walked EVERYWHERE and have made it into a mission of whenever I can, I will. Another mission I have is to go out not more than once per weekend, because of saving money and saving on my body. But mostly money… This, on the other hand, I’ve screwed up already. On Friday I was in Williamsburg with Momo and Lisa celebrating a friends birthday. The cigarette machine stole my 20 (prob a sign indicating I should cut the crap), but other than that it was a fun night. We danced more than we talked and ended up eating the best pizza in New York (not really, but it tasted like it) before going back home to Manhattan. 

On Saturday I started the day with a bloody mary at Ear with Ludde. I haven’t seen him since graduation so it was great to catch up. Afterwards we went to hell on Earth, Century 21, because Ludde wanted to get a Stone Island sweater and boxers. He ended up getting nothing… Totally worth it. At night the girls were throwing a party at the loft and we prepared with balloons stolen from the shop on the corner and notes in the stairwell cheering people on as they had to fight their way to the top of the stairs. I got to see a lot of people I haven’t seen for so long and the best part was that my baby Louis showed up! We reunited in hugs and kisses and plenty of dances to Rihanna. I’m SO happy him and Ludde are here. It makes it all feel a little less intimidating. 

Yesterday I woke up in the same outfit as from the night before with all my make up on, next to Lisa in her bed. Felt better than I could’ve ever had hoped for all things considered. We ignored the tornado that seemed to have gone through the apartment and escaped to East Village for a lobster roll instead of cleaning. We picked them up at Luke’s Lobster and sat down in Tompkins Square Park. We chilled there in the sun for a while before we walked through a sunny East Village and Soho back to the loft. Then I packed my stuff, jumped in an Uber and went to my new apartment! I’m now living with three guys, Mike Ian and Michael, in a newly renovated apartment in West Village. It couldn’t have ended up much better than this I think. The guys are so sweet and the apartment is even sweeter. 

And today I had my first day at Stinkdigital which is the whole reason I’m here. I was a little nervous standing outside drinking my coffee, but as soon as I got there it felt so good! Everybody were so lovely and welcoming. I think I’m really gonna like it there and I just can’t wait to get to work.

I hope we get the wi-fi up and running soon, so I can update more frequently. I’m working on some of your headline-posts right now and it’s so much fun! You guys are awesome <3