My story

So… I’m Frida. A 23 year old girl from Stockholm who’s almost always happy. This is not a joke. I’m probably the most chill, easy going person I know. This too is not a joke. I also have great self-awareness.

For the last two years I’ve been at Miami Ad School, an advertising school that I’ve written more about here for example (just look up the Miami Ad School or School tag at the bottom). I studied copywriting in Hamburg for a year and interned at agencies in London, Berlin and New York for one year. Kind of. I graduated in September and went home to Sweden for a bit to chill with my family and friends and look for a job. 

 Me in school this summer tired but still pretty fab I have say.

Me in school this summer tired but still pretty fab I have say.

Now I’ve just moved back to New York where I’m doing an internship at a digital agency/production company called Stinkdigital. I’m more than stoked to be back in the city and work seems great so far. If high on life wasn't such a dorky expression I totally would've said I was.

What else is fun to know about me? My favorite song right now is all new songs by Justin Bieber, I probably have more photos of moles on my phone than of my friends and I hate small talk and find it extremely stressful.

So yeah. That's me. I hope you’ll like it here.

If you want to find me on other social medias I’m basically called fridaregeheim errrrrwhere. 

Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Spotify. Oh and also snapchat. 

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