It's hard to know how you should act when stuff like this happen. Last night I started getting notifications on Facebook about how my friends were "marked as safe in Paris" and I didn't understand what was going on. And then I went online to see what the fuck was happening. It's so disgusting and terrible and scary and it makes me feel hopeless. I'm aware that people are suffering from attacks like this every single day in other parts of the world and just because this is happening in Paris doesn't mean that it's more awful. But it is a city that I have a relationship to and where I have friends who are living and working and that makes it stronger, for me.

I think the most important thing to remember is that everyone coming to Europe right now are running from these soulless terrorists who are killing people as if they were flies. The refugees are not them. And all they want is to live in peace, just like most people on this planet. I don't know squat about immigration politics (which is awful in times like this, but sorry that's just how it is), but damn it just stay openminded and optimistic and welcoming. Anything is better than where they come from and yesterdays attacks are proof of that. Just see how we're acting right now and imagine living with this BS for years and years. You can't imagine it. So guard down for fuck sake. 

I hate writing this. I work myself up and I get angry and it's frustrating because I don't know enough about these things. As if I would even be in a position where I would influence someone. I'm probably not. But when I heard the news last night it just hit me so hard. It's too real. Too close. So I just had to. And I'm scared. I can't stop thinking WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING?

I know I have some readers in Paris; I hope you're safe and that you stay that way.

Take care of each other. <3 from New York.