Sunday with Lisa and puppies

Hi! This is what I did on Sunday when it was sunny as fu-huuuck and I hung out with Lisa all day long. 

Since our buildings heating turns on at the same time, and hasn't yet, my room is cold as a fucking ice cube. So as soon as I wake up I need to get out of bed and take a long hot shower otherwise my toes will fall off. Luckily I wasn't hungover at all despite a few gin tonics the day before, so I inhaled some yoghurt and went out in the sun.

Got myself a coffee that was bigger than my face and sat down in the tiny park across the street from my place.

2015-11-15 14.28.03.jpg

Then Lisa came and we walked around for a bit, looking for a restaurant which had outside seating in the sun. We ended up at Rosemary's, ordered ourselves some brunch/lunch and talked about how shitty it is that she has to leave in December. She's doing the same program as I did and is moving along to her last internship in Sao Paulo. 

When we finished our food we strolled around West Village and ended up outside this puppy store. I feel so bad for the puppies who are basically laying in the windows like fishes in an aquarium. But even though our heart ached a bit we just wanted to cuddle with one. 

So we went in and looked at all of them. We found this young man, who we named Edgar, and asked if we could say hello to him. In his little cage he was energetic and bit on his chew toy, but as he came to us he just crawled up to our legs and fell asleep. We tried to pump him up a little, petting him and scratching is belly but he was just not in the mood. It made us feel bad because maybe he was just scared, but also a little bummed because hello, we wanted to play. So after a while we gave him back to the guy who worked there and went out again, hoping someone would pick him and take him home and give him a good life.

After walking around Chelsea we ended up at my place. I showed Lisa around and let her borrow my bathroom before we hugged goodbye. I spent the rest of the day cleaning, getting groceries for the week and watching a movie in bed.