Hi y'all! Let's take a look at how I spent yesterday, which happened to be Thanksgiving. 

I woke up early for some reason, even though I had been singing karaoke until 3 am on Wednesday night. My head was aching, but I got up anyways and went out for a walk. The city was so quiet, with everyone fleeing the city for their country houses upstate. I spent the day walking around, food shopping and just hanging out at home. 

And around 5 these ones came over to mine with four bottles of wine, two bags of chips and plenty of good vibes. We were gonna cook (or okay, Ludde was gonna cook and the rest of us just cheered on) and celebrate all the things we're thankful for (wine and Ludde's food). 

LOOK AT THIS. Like Ludde said, we treated them with the biggest of respect. As he was buttering up the chickens (we skipped the turkey and went a little smaller) and filling them with a delicious chickpea stuffing we were playing Momo's latest tracks and drinking the wine.

While the food was in the oven we went up on the roof. Just look at how Times Square lights up as if it's a different world. New York <3333333

Then we made the table, using pots and pans as serving plates and plates as candle holders. Hi Momo and Lisa!

And the fooooood! It was so delicious I feel like crying knowing there's leftovers in my fridge. We roasted whole chickens stuffed with chick peas, chilies, thyme and lemon. Then we mashed the stuffing after having it in the oven for like an hour. And to that a salad with avocado. Omnomnom. 

After finishing the meal and the wine we walked up to Meatpacking and Le Bain which is a club on top of the Standard hotel. We drank gin tonics and danced with this view.

I was taking selfies on the bathroom, because why shouldn't you? Wearing pants from H&M, vintage jacket and bag from Carin Wester.

My cool friends being cool. After a few hours of dancing Momo, Lisa and I went to Good Stuff Diner on 14th Street for some night food before I walked home and crashed into bed. 

I'm thankful for these people <3