How to survive heartbreak & how long it´s ok to be heartbroken

I almost forgot about your headlines! But we'll jump back into it... 

Your headline - my post no. 3. How to survive heartbreak & how long it's ok to be heartbroken. 

Whenever I talk about heartbreak with people I always get the feeling that we all feel it in the same way. It's like it's the only "feeling" that all of us can really relate to. As if our hearts work exactly the same when someone breaks them and we just deal with it differently. Although I think many of us have kind of the same routine: cry our eyes out, stalk them and if they have a new one on social media checking their every move, change our profile pictures just to pop up in their feed looking fab, talk shit about them to everyone and anyone, cry some more, get drunk and get attention elsewhere, cry some more and then it kind of spins on like that till one day you wake up and you're sick of yourself. You'll realize that you can do better and that he or she isn't worth any more of your sobbing. And when that happens you'll feel stronger than ever. For me it was literally like I unzipped a sad costume and out came a fucking goddess. It's such a relief. 

But even when time passes and you tell everyone you're doing fine and how nice it is to have moved on, he can still be there. Like when you can't sleep or when you pass a place you used to go to. It's not often. And not because you necessarily want him back. But because you can't sleep and you're stuck in your thoughts and he's just there. And then you get kind of depressed again because you feel like you can't let go and when the FUCK will it stop? But it will. It does.

I don't know. I just think that you need to give it time. As long as you need. Take a break from life and be a little self-destructive for a while. Drink too much, smoke too much, sleep with someone who doesn't care about you because you don't care about him. Then pull yourself together and continue with your life. You'll probably still think about how he smells in the morning or how his lips taste, but that's okay. Because eventually you'll start kissing someone else and maybe one or five more and then all of a sudden he's just a pair of lips you used to kiss.

I don't know if this is helpful. I feel like I'm not eligible to give advice on this, because what the fuck do I know? But one thing I do know is that even if it feels like you're going to die, you won't. It will pass and you will be happy again, you will be able to laugh without having to fake it, you will be attracted to other people, in love with other people and you're going to be fine. You'll move on. So to all the broken hearts out there: <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 it'll be okay. 

Virtual hugs <3