One day depression and xmas shopping

Hi. Today I've done this: snoozed till it was way to late to shower, eat breakfast and prepare my lunch. Boiled ramen and poured it into my lunchbox with the water, forgetting to add the flavor. Sat next to a smelly guy on the subway. Came to work and wrote and rewrote and got shitty self esteem because it never turned out how I had it in my head. Ate my disgusting lunch. Smoked a cigarette even though I don't smoke at work. Wrote more. It went a little better, but I got a head ache which sucked. Bought two donuts on my way home that I ate before having dinner. Had green beans for dinner. Rewrote some more work stuff. And now I'm complaining about my day to you guys. 

But it's okay because sometimes you have shitty days. And tomorrow is Friday and then I'm partying with my friends and I'll drink too many beers and dance till my legs fall off. 

Anyways... Onto the next subject.

My super talented, kind and very missed friend Jakob has his own line of shirts that he and a friend are selling under the name Jay & Lees. I've seen the shirts on Jakob many times and they're so nice. I'd say it's a perfect gift for the boyfriend, brother, dad, uncle or any other guy you feel like treating with a gift. Or why not wear it oversized yourself? You should go get one right this second!

AND! If you use the promo code FRIDAXMAS you'll get €20 off your purchase. So go support Jakob and make the boys in your life happy. -----> HERE'S THE WEBSHOP!