2015. Places I've been.

Welcome to the longest post in the history of blogs. This year I've spent many hours on airplanes, flying places where I've experienced things that I will think back on when I'm old and wrinkly and go "fuck I was cool and brave and so so so lucky". Let's take a look at where I've checked in during 2015. 

I started the year in Thailand, with my family. We celebrated New Years on the beach, drinking fruity cocktails and watching the rice lamps disappear into the sky. The days were spent on white beaches, swimming in the ocean that's freakishly blue and my body got covered in freckles.

Then I moved to Berlin! I interned at BBDO (and, side note: an idea we got produced over there was a beer with a taste of chickpeas celebrating the 50th anniversary of the friendship between Israel and Germany. It was launched at the Leipzig Opera Ball a few months ago and just a few days ago it got decided that that beer is now part of the standard exhibition at the Jewish Museum in Berlin. I can't believe that this is happening and I'm insanely proud of me and my two team partnerns who came up with it. So if you're ever in Berlin, go look at my beer!). Carine came to visit me, I ate falafel at least three times a week and drank too much beer.

And then I went off to New York. Moved into a tiny room in Chinatown, burned my face, got my third tattoo, had my brother visit me, hung out in Central Park. Had fun ALL THE TIME. Went crazy as soon as I was at home and just wanted to go out, see things, do things every minute of every day. 

Left New York later than I'd thought at first and only had a few days in Stockholm before going back to Germany. Spent one of the days with my best friends at Emma's summer house. 

And then I returned to Hamburg. Spent three months working on my portfolio, hanging out with my classmates, dancing in the woods, going to the ocean to swim and finally I graduated! 

The last weekend in July I took the bus from Hamburg to Malmö to spend some days at our summer house in Ystad. 

We took a day trip to Copenhagen to drink beer and eat at Fiskebyen. 

And before we had to leave Hamburg, Mayan Thedi and I went to Paris for a weekend. Stayed in Mayan's family's apartment in St Germain and spent the whole weekend eating food, drinking wine and walking around. 

Then in the middle of September it was time to go home to Stockholm. End of an era and no plans for the future. When I wasn't applying for jobs I was hanging out with everyone I've missed when I've been away. My family, my friends. I felt  like a stay at home mom without kids with going to the store to buy groceries being my only activity for the day. It was nice though. To completely chill for a while. 

Also went back to our summer house in the south of Sweden and was bored in the car on my way there. But look how prettyyyyy. When I was there I found out that within a few weeks I was going back to New York. 

I had a last breakfast at the airport, feeling nervous and excited and scared and so happy all at the same time.

And then I was here. 

Let's see where I'm going in 2016. I'm sure I'll chill on the air miles a little bit though.