Christmas Wish List

Hi you guys! I'm sitting in my bed, waiting for the energy to start the day. Yesterday we had holiday drinks at work before our CEO put us all in Ubers to drive to East Village to sing karaoke at 7 pm. We did sake shots and got too drunk too early. But had a lot of fun of course. I met up with Sanna after and we met up with Louis who brought us to some club in Meatpacking where we danced to bad house remixes of good hip hop tracks. It was fun! 

On Wednesday my parents and brother are coming to New York. We're celebrating Christmas by eating tons of food, drinking lots of wine and walking around the city. I can't wait to see them and to get a real NYC Christmas! Anyways, we promised each other to not get gifts since them coming here and letting me stay in the hotel with them is gift enough. BUT, just in case someone else would feel the urge to buy me something, I made a little wish list. 

This jersey turtleneck from Our Legacy. I've started to look more and more towards men's collections for basics like this. 

An orange-red lipstick. 

Commes Des Garcon Play cardigan. I love the detail of the little heart.

New sneakers. Either a pair of Reebok or maybe Puma suede.

A pair of white Levi's 501. Preferably vintage.

A new Priming Moisturizer and Boy Brow from Glossier. Best skin care and make-up I've ever tried.


The Bianca Blouse from RĂ©alisation Par. 

A ticket to Rome in the spring. I've never been to Italy and I think it's time that I get to enjoy the country of pasta and well dressed men. 

Someone like this to play with <3 <3 <3

Now I'm going to get brunch with Sanna and then go play in a room filled with balloons!