Recipes when you're broke af.

I'm kinda broke right now because I haven't gotten my social security number yet and without it I can't get paid. It's not awesome, but I'm realizing that I actually can survive without that extra beer, organic meat (not buying non-organic, I'm skipping it completely) and ordering sushi on seamless when hungover (</3). Here are some recipe's I've been cooking lately that make awesome lunch boxes. 


One pot sausage and mushroom pasta. (I skipped the sausage)

Black bean and shredded chicken skillet. (I skipped the chicken and instead fried an egg and put on top)

Quinoa and brussel sprout sallad. I made my own version of this. I bought frozen brussel sprouts because it's so much cheaper than the fresh ones. I fried them in butter, salt and pepper before adding them to the quinoa. Then I added dried cranberries and drizzled over a dressing made from olive oil, balsamic vinegar, dijon mustard, honey and a little bit of water to make it more runny. Delicious. 

And my last tip is to buy the cheap ramen noodles for like 79 cents. Boil in water (it should JUST cover the noodles) for like 2 minutes, add the seasoning and poor in sweet peas (frozen) and pull aside with lid on. Let it stand for a few mins. Poor into a bowl drizzle some teriyaki sauce on top and slurp it all. 

For more food inspo check out my pinterest. Have fun cooking and saving those dolla dolla bills y'all.