My Year In Music.

Hello! Let's take a look at my year on Spotify! It's actually the agency I'm working at that has done the whole Year In Music experience (I was not involved though) and it looks BEAUTIFUL. So happy to get to be part of a team with such talented people.

I started the year listening to Future Islands. This song is still one of my favorites. 

Skärmavbild 2015-12-09 kl. 23.28.35.png

My most played artist was Glee! NO SHAME <3

My most played album was Goddess by Banks. If I remember correctly, it was the same one last year. I never get tired of it. And she just released a new track, so hopefully a new album is coming soon. 

My most played song was American Oxygen by Riri. I listened to it every single day walking to work when I lived in New York this spring. It was my soundtrack for those three months.

Top genres. I don't even know what Indietronica or Chillwave is? Good, I guess.

And I listened to music for 56.000 minutes or 39 days. More than a whole month of music!

1320 different artists. Whaddafakk. 

During the winter, in Berlin, these were my faves. I remember listening to the live version of Kärlek är ett brev skickat tusen gånger with Håkan Hellström and Veronica Maggio over and over and over again. 

Spring. New York. Glee <3 Riri <3 Bank <3 I'm very consistent in what I'm listening to, I have to say. 

Summer. GLEE! BANKS! And Låpsley because I was depressed. 

I love Glee, okay? And Drizzy too. 

And that was it! Make sure to check out your Year In Music and share it so my agency gets plenty of praise hehe. 

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