Carine in Berlin - Friday and Saturday

Last Friday I was still in Berlin and I couldn't get out of work fast enough, because I knew that my baby Carine was waiting for me. I texted her saying to hurry over to my place and we reunited in hugs and "no no no don't cry". The words fell out of our mouths as we changed and got ready for the night. Jumping from subject to subject, not finishing sentences because there was too much to talk about. Carine and I got to know each other last summer when she was in her last quarter and I was in my fourth. She quickly became one of my favorite people in the whole wide world. We sit down in my kitchen and try a glass of the Lebanese wine she brought from Beirut. After a glass or two we walk to Dr. To's where Johanna was waiting for us. We eat amazing dim sum and catch up on all that's been going on in Berlin, London, Beirut, Hamburg, Stockholm and wherever we've been since last.

After dinner we take a pit stop including 60 % ginger shots and later walk to Twinpigs where we meet up with Marc, Chris and Genri. We got tipsy off Moscow Mules (and most likely that 60 % shot) and then got ready move to our next stop, some club I don't remember the name off. It was bad anyways and we didn't last very long. So after half a drink, I jumped into a cab with Carine and as we got home we fell asleep in two seconds.

The next day we wake up to a blue sky, 15 degrees and birds singing outside my window. And we felt so good, which never happens on a Saturday! We go out on the warm streets of Neukölln and make our way up to Schönleinstraße where we have breakfast at Le Bon. I have a habit of bringing all my visitors here and they all love it.

After a delicious breakfast we take the ubahn to Mitte and decide that it's time for some shopping. I buy a sweater and Carine gets a denim jacket. We walk around and check out some stores and later on head back down to Neukölln. We go to Klunkerkranich which is a rooftop bar on top of a garage. There's Mariel and Johanna and friends of hers and also the cutest little french bulldog puppy I've ever laid eyes on. He's crazy though and runs around and I sadly enough don't get a good picture. We drink some beer and eat some German bread filled with meat stew that tastes amazing. 

It gets a little chilly so we head home and curl down under my duvet and fall asleep. One hour later we wake up, confused and drowsy thinking it's in the middle of the night. But really it's only eight and we recharge with some music as we get dressed. We go to Nathanja und Heinrich on Weischelstraße. Luckily we managed to get a table in the crowded bar and so we sat down and sipped on our gin&tonics. We talked about jobs and advertising and New York, Carine name dropping places I have to go to in every sentence. You have to write it down for me, I say over and over again as we finish our drinks.

Tipsy and giggly we make our way to Kreuzberg and we meet up with Mariel at Ritter Butzke. The house is blasting out of the speakers and, listen to this, I actually enjoyed it. Better than that, I loved it. Usually I'm a hip hop kinda gal, but this night the music was perfect. We took breaks in the bar in the back that was decorated with a hundred disco lamps, playing mellow techno. At some point my legs numbed and Carine's head spun so it was clearly time to go home. A taxi driver that told us every artist singing the songs playing on the radio took us home and we crashed into bed oozing of smoke and beer as you do after a night out in Berlin.