Bye bye Berlin.


Tomorrow I'm going home to Stockholm for break. This has been a confusing quarter that has messed with my heart and my body. I've never felt so alone since starting this program. Not having one close friend to vent to, but constantly having to adjust to new people and situations where I've felt insecure. Couldn't be more stoked to go to my next internship in New York and reunite with all my favorite people over there. But, let's focus on the good things about this past quarter.

Best things that I did/happened to me this quarter:
I ate out at least 4 times a week.
I kissed a boy that didn't matter in front of the one that used to.
I knocked out a beer of a guy who offered me mdma and then called me a pussy for saying no. 
My team mates and I got two ideas into production at the agency.
I said goodbye and he shouted my name when I walked away. I didn't look back.

Now: let's go home.