Carine in Berlin - Sunday, Monday and Tuesday

Last Sunday I woke up next to Carine in my bed in Berlin. We were a little tired but made it out to catch the sun. We took the u-bahn and went to Warschauer Straße and Michel Berger Hotel. It's a boutique hotel with rooms that are all different from each other and SÜPER cool apparently. But what do we know? We're poor and can only enjoy the restaurant and the lobby. It'll have to do. Go there for a coffee if you're in Berlin! If it's warm you can chill in their backyard. 

Afterwards we go to East Side Gallery. You know, the part of the Wall that they've turned into an art gallery. I can't say that I like a lot of the art being displayed there, but this one I like. I love the fact that people add their own hands to it.

When we're done with the art we sit down for lunch and wine. It's touristy as fuck, but it's sunny and we're right by the Spree so who can complain? We sip on our rosé without our coats on and get a little tipsy. 

Suddently some clouds roll in and the sun hides from us, but it's okay because it's still 16 degrees and it smells like spring. After having eavesdropped on some Swedes I swear I've met before but couldn't place we pay and cross Oberbaumbrücke (the pretty bridge in the background) towards Kreuzberg. We stop at a Vietnamese coffee shop for some take away cappa's and ginger juice and then make our way home. We order sushi and spend the night watching both Electrick Children and Bridesmaids in bed.

I spend Monday at work and then meet up with Carine for a beer and burger at Schillers before going home doing nothing for the whole night. Just laying in bed, showing each other our crushes on Facebook. On Tuesday morning I sneak out of my apartment around 8.30 while Carine sleeps like a little baby. As soon as I finish work I go to meet up with her and Johanna at Bar Raval, a Spanish tapas place. The floors make me think of all the summers I've spent in Spain and how badly I want a house outside of Palma de Mallorca when I get older. 

We order everything that's good. Iberico ham, tuna sallad, Manchego cheese, gambas al ajillo, patatas bravas etc etc. It's delicious and we can't stop eating. We talk about our summer in Hamburg and how great it was and how weird it's going to be for me to come back in July without knowing anyone in school besides my class. 

After a couple of hours we can barely move from all the deliciousness, but we somehow make it to a bar across the street. There we order another glass of wine before going home and passing out. And on Wednesday I attack Carine with hugs before going to work and we say goodbye with a promise that I'll come to Beirut and visit her in the fall. Even though I don't know how I'm going to have money for that after two years of student loans, it still feels good to promise something. Even if it won't come true.