Dungarees and a boat and a palm tree.

Bild 2015-03-18 kl. 12.10
Bild 2015-03-18 kl. 12.13 #2
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Today I'm wearing my dungarees from & Other Stories, a black normal t-shirt and I'm gonna match it with my black Adidas Gazelle's and a black trench coat from Weekday. I'm meeting Frida and I think she might have her camera with her so then you'll see full outfit later. Thank GOD, am I right? Also, it's so nice for me to see both of my tattoos at the same time. I love them both so much, even though some think my palm tree is a pot leaf and my boat is starting to fade a little. I need to fill them in soon. 

By the way, I FINALLY think that Bloglovin moved all followers from my old blog to this one. So now all of you should be here, which makes me happy.