My break in Stockholm

I've been hanging out with my brother in his new apartment. I'm so happy because he's going to come visit me this quarter. And I'm so happy that he's the kind of friend that he is to me. My idol.

One day we had pizza in his living room. Because that's what you do when you move to a new place. You have to break it in with pizza.

I've been hanging out with Frida, Frida and Patrik. We had cake and coffee and Frida took these photos that I like a lot.

I went to the US embassy with this babe, Paula, to get our visa's. Luckily we were approved and we celebrated with lunch in a sunny Humlegården.

The first week at home was sunny and it felt like spring was finally here. Of course, living in Sweden means that it if you blink, it goes back to winter. But I managed to down a couple of cappuccinos before the sun bailed on us. Here with Frida at Nytorget.

Breakfast. Oh, freaking hell, breakfast. Is there anything better? Especially when you have time to eat it twice and refill your coffee one two three times while watching the news anchor in the morning show being just about as charming as your mom's perm in the 80's.

I went to this babe's 13th birthday party! My cousin Edvin who used to drool all over my shoulders when I carried him around as a baby. Now he's all grown up though and we celebrated with dinner and cake. Spent hours talking to his older sister, Hanna, about parties and boys. You know, all that matters when you're 15. The happiness I feel about not being a teenager anymore. I just want to hug her and tell her that her boobs won't look weird all her life and boys won't all be idiots and she will be able to control her tantrums and the mean girls at school will spend all their future money on therapy.

I've played a lot and I recorded a cover of Sbtrkt's Wildfire. But for some reason the Soundcloud link wouldn't work. I'll try again soon!

And last but not least, on Saturday I went to Frida and Patrik's. And Ludde was there too! For those of you who's been around for a couple of years knows that Ludde and I have known each other since high school and we lived in London together in 2012. We used to spend the nights at his and Erik's rooftop, drinking wine and forgetting about having to get up for work in the morning. We caught up over prosecco and then went to Radio Skanstull for beers.

And now this break is over. Tomorrow I go to New York and my last internship!