My weekend.

On Thursday I met up with Paula at Cafe El Portal for a Mexican feast. I had Enchiladas with, listen to this; chocolate sauce! It was weird as fudge but so satisfying. Weird food is the best food, am I right? After dinner we went to Little Rascal and shared some Baklavas and planned all the things we're not going to afford, but still are going to do, this quarter. When we finished our sweets I walked the few blocks home in the drizzle and fell asleep in front of an episode of Glee. 

The next day, after finished work and shared a pizza, we bought a six pack and headed to Brooklyn to pre party at Elton and Ludde's. We sat on the floor, spilled some beer, talked Truth or Dare without the dare and got drunk. Then we all headed to a bar around the corner. We ordered cheap ass Gin & Tonics and decided to start a band, but we realized that that might be too much work so we settled on just taking album cover-photos instead.

On Saturday I woke up with a banging head, but managed to get up and get dressed as we had big plans for the day. I wore my favorite pants, from & Other Stories, with my new Stan Smiths whom I loathed 15 minutes later when walking up to Union Square and could feel my skin peel off on my heels. Why do they do sneakers so fucking hard in the back?

We took the 4 up to the Bronx and Yankee stadium. Hana, Thedi, Ludde, Jakob and myself were going to a Yankees game! A dream I've had ever since I saw that SATC episode where Carrie sits in her fur and smokes on the upper level and catches the ball. Even though I hate sports and I was more excited about the food and beer than the game, I have to say it was pretty cool.

Ludde got the best hat in the place which he now constantly wears proudly. We were happy even though the Yankees lost and we had to sit in the shadow which was cold as fuq. 

Back on Manhattan we made our way to my hood and grabbed some noodles in Chinatown. Then we headed out to Brooklyn, back to Elton and Ludde's where we were the day before. We had some beers and then went to some bar where we played shuffleboard (omg, so much fun?!) the whole night. 

And today, it was kind of summer! FINALLY! I met up with Pauli-D on Roosevelt Island where she lives, and did some work in the sun by the water. I burnt my scalp. Hard.

And then I went back to Elton and Ludde's, once again, to hang out on their sick rooftop. Elton cooked us food and we enjoyed the last hours of sun. When it disappeared behind the skyscrapers we warmed up in each others sweaters and jackets before heading back to Manhattan. Going cross Williamsburg Bridge at sunset is something I'll never get tired of.