Mom in NYC

So, my mom felt the need to come with me for five days when I moved here. And I sure ain't complaining. We started off the trip at Felix in Soho. They have delicious French food and serve lovely Brazilian cocktails. An excellent mix if you ask me. 

New York swept me off my feet for the fifth time, as soon as I saw some skyscrapers at sundown. That's all it takes for me and I know that, okay, here is where I should be.

We had breakfast at Jack's wife Freda in East Village. We both took the Mediterranean breakfast and it was beautiful. Avocado, pita, two eggs any style, chopped salad omnomnom. 

We took some selfies outside Ground Support where we sipped on iced lattes in the sun. I wore my new sunglasses from Diane Von Furstenberg. Any pair of shades that covers half my face is a good pair of shades.

Then we went to The James' rooftop for drinks. I went to pee and this was my view. Could pee forever.

But, took a photo of myself instead. Wearing flared cropped pants from H&M and suede jacket from Mango. The bag is Carin Wester.

Another day we went to Eataly and indulged in this goodyness. So. Fucking. Delicious. It's such a great concept. You have like a shit ton of different "bars"; cheese bar, olive bar, meat bar, wine bar etc etc. And then you choose what you want to eat and drink and enjoy it by a standing table. 

Yet another day, we had a fancy lunch at China Grill which is a massive Asian restaurant up in Midtown that looks like it's taken from a scene of Sex & The City (in the best possible way).  It's on 47th street if I remember correctly, between 5th and 6th. The windows are floor to roof (which is like 1000 meters high), everything is black and gold and the waiters are almost freakishly nice. We had the lobster pancake, among other things, and it was one of the best things I've had in my life. 

Also, fancy bathrooms that are perfect for selfies. Wearing hat from Topshop, top that's designed and made by my mom and the perfect relaxed jeans from Zara. 

And yesterday I said goodbye to her with kisses and hugs. I walked up Hudson to West Village and there on the sidewalk were my friends drinking coffee. All of a sudden I'm not on vacation with my mom, I'm living in this city and I'm meeting some friends for coffee on a Sunday afternoon. It could be Hamburg, because we talk the same and act the same, but we're on the other side of the globe and we haven't been together for over 6 months. The fact that we're all in this city that I fall for harder and harder each day, that's just the cream cheese on our NYC bagels.