Bye Havas, hurra and lazy vacation days.


On Friday I went in to the office only to say bye to the people we've been working with and packing up my stuff. I went for lunch with the other Miami Ad School students who's been there with me, Ben, Eddie and Andrea, and around four we decided that it was time to leave. 

I went up to the JWT office to meet up with Elton Paula and Nico. We went to a bar close to their office and celebrated that the quarter was over. After a few hours of happy hour on a smokey roof terrace Elton Paula and I hug the rest goodbye and go cross the street for some Japanese food. 


The food tastes amazing and even better, the restaurant is properly AC'd. Will texts us and when we've paid we head out and downtown to meet up with them at our favorite dive bar, Welcome to the Johnson's. There a PBR costs 2 dollars and they play the best 90s hits mixed with heavy metal. What else can you ask for? 

Paula and I were matching in our tattoos that we got a couple of weeks ago. I'm so in love with them. They say HURRA. Because there's always a reason to celebrate, right? Elton took a photo of us and them.


And one of himself. 

We go downtown and I'm struggling because of a three hour night sleep the day before, but try to get on board. After a couple of beers I just can't anymore so Elton and I jump on the J train and go home.


After having eaten Ludde's quesadillas for breakfast the next day and laying in bed all day I head home to change for the night. I buy some raspberries from the Chinese woman on the corner for a dollar and take a quick nap before I get ready. Then I go meet up with Hana, Christina, Jakob and Hana's friend Carter for some dumplings in Chrystie Park before we go back to Elton's.

Will is throwing us all a goodbye party since many of all the MAS-people are leaving this week. We hangout on the roof for a couple of hours and wait in everyone before it's time for all of us to go to Union Pool. 


I don't really know what happens there. Except for taking this photo booth strip with Hana and Paula, and then taking this fantastic photo of it. And that I had fun. 

Next thing I know I wake up and my head is banging and my throat is hurting. Can't say it wasn't worth it though. After hours of not being able to get out of bed we finally pull our shit together and get dressed. Ludde joins me and Elton and we decide to go for brunch in Greenpoint. We have lobster rolls and fish tacos and mimosas and it's all so good. We slowly walk back to the apartment, digesting our food and talking about how Ludde would look like if he was a dog. We spend the rest of the day in their living room where they play computer games and I doze off on the couch. Elton and I end the day with popcorn and Ex-Machina till I just can't keep my eyes open anymore. 

I have to say it was a pretty good first weekend of this break.