A list about summer.

I stole this list from Sandra and translated it. 


My plans for the summer: 
In one and a half weeks my internship ends and after that I've got a bit over two weeks of vacation in the city. I'm going to get in trouble with Linn and Daniel who are coming to visit, go to all the museums that I haven't been to yet (won't happen), go to the beach and make out till my lips hurt and even more after that. Then I'm going home to Stockholm for not even four days to eat some mommy-food and snuggle up with my friends real quick. And on the 5th of July it's off to Hamburg for my last quarter of school. 

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Best places in the summer:
My family's country house in south of Sweden. On a boat in the archipelago outside Stockholm. On a New York rooftop in the afternoon. In a park with a lot of friends and beers and dogs.


Favorite summer flower:
That pink/orange one that grows everywhere around the Mediterranean on the buildings. That's my favorite of all flowers. Oh and also the flower we call Hundkäx in Swedish. Have no idea what it's called in English.

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Favorite places to swim: 
From a boat or a cliff in the Swedish archipelago.

How long are you going to be off:
For three weeks before going back to school. 

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What are you looking forward to the most?
My two weeks off here in New York. But also to come home and go to my friend Emma's house in the archipelago for a day. And to finally see my bestie Lisa! Haven't seen her since Christmas and I'm dying a little bit. 

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What are you buying for your vacation?
Nothing. I have to hold my monies! Or okay, I do need a bikini. 

This is what I'm listening to this summer:
Jamie XX just released his album In Colour and it's amazing. Also A$AP's new is GOLD. 

Favorite summer smell:
How the city smells after rain, bbq smoke, his neck. 


How are you going to hurt yourself:
I'll probably fall off the stage at Moondoo in Hamburg. 

Is there something that worries you:
How it's going to be when I leave here.

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How will you remember your summer in September:
Hopefully as the funnest, warmest, wildest summer yet.


The ultimate summer day:
I wake up in his bed, not too early not too late. It's warm out, but cool in the room, so we stay in bed for a while before we jump into our shoes and walk up to a café to buy breakfast sandwiches and iced coffees. We eat it on the bench outside, watching hungover people make their way to brunch with their friends and dogs. Then we go home and get ready to make our way over to a bar where we meet up with friends. It's perfectly warm outside and we order in pitchers of sangria for everyone. Everyone are happy and no one has to go home and work like we usually have to. We get buzzed as the afternoon turns into evening and we walk over to a pizzeria down the block. We bring it up to the roof together with more drinks and then we sit there the whole evening. Listening to music, smoking cigarettes and getting drunk. The sun goes down over the Manhattan skyline but we don't have to put on sweaters. Maybe we go to a bar later, maybe not. Who cares really?