Sunday party


Yesterday I started my day meeting up with these two + Nicolas in Maria Hernandez Park in Bushwick. They were eating sandwiches and drinking black water (!!!) when I came, a little too late as I've suddenly turned into a person who takes forever to get ready/out of my house. People who know me knows I'm usually always the one who has to wait for other people, but I guess people do change.

After having discussed which dog breeds are our favorites and also the dilemma of picking or not picking up after your pup, we went to The Narrows. There I sat down on a fucking blackberry with my white overalls, causing a very questionable stain right on my ass. And not on my cheek, but right where a stain would've been if there would've been an accident. 

But I was happy anyways! Because who wouldn't be when having beers and tequila shots for 5 dollars with your best friend on a Sunday afternoon? And look, we're matching too <3 If only I could always be in the same city as this one.


After a few hours we're perfectly tipsy and move over to The Well where Tiki Disco is held. We have some beers and hide out along the walls in the shade like the pale vampires we are. 


My killer company.

A couple of hours later it's time for me to leave and as soon as I step out on the street the sky opens up. I walk the not even ten minutes home and get wet into my skin. I jump into the shower as soon as I get home and then pass out for an hour. Paula wakes me up when she shows up and we have dinner on the roof with Jacob, Joel and Harry before we go to support Paula's friends in the Swedish band Urban Cone. They were playing at Baby's Alright in Williamsburg and we danced to their happy pop so much the sweat was running down our backs. 

Sundays are so much better when you're on break and your friends are as good as mine are.