A pep talk to myself (or at least an attempt)

Hi! Today is the first day of the last week of my internship. After that I'll have a three week long break and I'll spend almost every day of it here. I've gone back and forth in my head with if I should go home early or if I should stay around for a while. Because as you might realize, living here is not cheap. But then I thought, when will I ever get the chance to be in a city I love this much for that long doing exactly what I want without work and school? Plus, there is a boy here that I want to make out with and wake up next to at least a million times more before I board some stupid ass plane.

I am excited about this summer. Especially coming back to Hamburg after a year away and see my class and of course to graduate. And never would I have thought that a kiss on a street corner on the first day of spring would end up in me not looking forward to that as much as I did before. But here I am, trying not to think about the fact that I'm going back. Instead I get buzzed with him on a Sunday afternoon, fall asleep holding his hand, laugh at him attempting to speak Swedish, lean on his shoulder while waiting for the traffic light to turn green and make plans going to restaurants we probably won't even have the time to go to. 

And that's what I am going to do for the next three weeks. Live in denial, make out and have so much fun I'll puke of excitement. YAY!