Klingberg Day 1 & 2

This weekend I've been hiding out in Klingberg, about an hour north of Hamburg, with my friends eating drinking swimming doing nothing. 


James, Jakob, Mayan and I drove off at noon on Thursday and decided to go straight to the beach. We bought some curry wursts and fisch brotchen and sat down in the sand. After one bottle of wine we decided a swim was in its place and so we all jumped into the water. It was freezing, but who cares?


After our dip we quickly dried up and stopped by the supermarket on our way home. We did tacos for dinner and drank more than half of the wine we'd brought for the whole weekend which maybe wasn't that smart, but fun nonetheless. Later at night Thedi, Ludde and JJ came up too and we all sat outside until the chairs got cold and wet of dusk. 


The next morning James went off to Berlin for a family weekend. We hugged him bye and then went down to the lake for a morning dip. It felt like a summer break morning, which it kind of was minus the break thing, when we threw our clothes on the dock and jumped in. 

The rest of the day we spent in the garden. It was hot and sunny and we dozed off on the grass. I love those days when you do nothing without getting stressed and nervous about it and all of a sudden it's late afternoon. 

We had beers in the afternoon sun and discussed how much old people get laid in elderly homes. We all agreed on that they probably have more action than us. Then it was time to prepare dinner, so the grown ups did that and the kids played in the garden.

Our master chef Ludde made us this delicious potato sallad and with it we had grilled sausages and some yoghurt sauce. 

After dinner we took a bottle wine with us down to the lake. Jakob wanted to shoot some golf balls but ended up dropping the club at the first try.


It ended up in a night swim/golf club hunt. We did not find it. 

We didn't care about golf clubs and were happy anyways. We ended the night drinking Pimm's and then they sang for me because it was midnight and officially my 23rd birthday! 

I'll tell you more about that one later.