Internet Gems

Morning! I'm sitting on my kitchen table since it's awkwardly placed in the middle of my kitchen (which is tiny) with no chair. So there's really just one place to sit and that's on top of it. I'm going to school in a minute, but first I thought I'd serve you some treasures I've found on the WWW lately. 

Skärmavbild 2015-07-21 kl. 09.27.59.png

This video for Mini about Ana Kras, by Aaron Rose. It's about how her art is connected to where she grew up in Belgrade. Ana is one of my biggest inspirations and the story about how she and Devandra Banhart met kills me every time, even though they're not still together. Check out her instagram too if you haven't yet.

This beautiful quote. From my pinterest.

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Chef's Table on Netflix. A must for food lovers. My friend Ludde told me about this and you get to follow different chef's in different parts of the world in each episode. Very interesting. 

THIS DOG <3 Also from my pinterest.

Have a nice Tuesday!