Best day of the year. So far.

One of the questions I got in the Q&A was to tell you about my best day this year so far. This is it.

I wake up in a hotel room. My brother is in the other bed and he's on his phone. He got to New York yesterday and I took the chance to sleep in a hotel bed as he has a double room. We watch some CNN and get ready to head out. It's early still, not past 8 am, so we take our time. It's nice to have him here and I'm excited for him to meet my friends and to see the places where I waste my time. 

We go to the Butchers Daughter for breakfast. It's quiet and we get our food right away. We plan our day and decide we should just walk uptown and stop wherever we want to stop on the way. I've taken the whole day off and won't look at my e-mail once. Our eggs are perfectly boiled and soldiers toasted just right. Jesper tells me about his work and how he hates it and I try to be the wise older sister who gives him advice. I don't know if it works, but maybe it at least calms him down a bit knowing that I honestly have no clue what I'm doing either. He gives me advice too, and at times I swear I feel like the younger one. It's nice being together again, to bicker and then about everyday things. Every time I see him after having been away I realize how much better it is when he's in the same city. 

We spend our day walking through Soho, East Village and Midtown. Browsing through stores, pausing on a bench in the shade to have a coke and then continue up. We have lobster rolls for lunch and then make our way downtown again. We have no obligations except for doing nothing, talking about our lives for the last months and gossiping about friends and family. We stop by Mothers Ruin for a Tecate. It cools us down for a minute and then our bodies goes back to almost dripping of sweat. It's over 30 degrees and there's nowhere to escape. We decide to go back to the hotel for a cold shower and AC.

After having freshened up we meet up with Thedi and Jakob for dumplings on Lower East. They aren't as good as the ones at my favorite place, but we stuff our faces anyways before taking the J over to Brooklyn. There we're joined by friends at Burnside and we take over their patio. Elton texts me from his class that's taking forever and I tell him to walk out on his teacher and get over here because I want to see him. We keep on ordering beers and whiskey cocktails as more people join. Finally his class is over and he gets there. He sits down on the other side of the table and smile at me. He texts me a kiss emoji and I feel as if I've missed him so much even though I saw him yesterday. I make my way out from the bench I'm sitting on and go sit down next to him. I put my legs across his lap and he puts his arm around me. I can tell he's tired and he hides his face on my shoulder as he exhales. I stroke his neck and he kiss me. Hello. 

A beer later people start taking off, either home or to other bars. Elton asks me if I'm staying over and when I say I am he smiles. He grabs my hand and we walk the five minutes home where he cooks us dumplings. They are the ones from my favorite place, where you can buy 50 frozen dumps for 10 dollars. I sit on the barstool watching as I always did when he cooked for us. He tells me how he kind of understands Swedish now and I roll my eyes at him because he has no idea. I make him say turtle in Swedish over and over again because he sounds like a robot baby when he does. If I could've died from laughter I probably would've there and then. He pours the dumplings onto a plate and we share them evenly. They burn my tongue but taste like heaven. 

When we've eaten we go out on the street. He lights my cigarette before lighting his and the sound of the lighter going off echoes on the street that is quiet for once. The heat has finally calmed down and I feel like I can breathe for the first time since waking up. The tiredness hits me and I lean on his shoulder. I'm glad you're here, he says and kiss my nose. On the other side of the street the neighbors cat stroke it's fur against the fence before escaping under it. We put our cigarettes out and go into his room and close the door. He pulls down the zipper on my skirt and slip it off my feet before leaning in to kiss me.