During my last week in New York my BFF Linn and her boyfriend Daniel came into town. Like always, Linn took a lot of nice photos and since I'm missing New York and everything with it I thought we could do a throwback today. 

The day after midsummers, when I was hungover as fuck, I met up with them at Baby's Alright in Williamsburg. Linn captured my goose-bumpy freckly skin and newly made HURRA tattoo when we sneaked out for a smoke. I'm so in love with that tattoo.


The following day we went day drinking at The Narrow's in Bushwick and I sat down on blackberries in my white overalls. The others laughed at me and Nicolas in his all white outfit was very happy he chose a chair and not the bench. I was devastated when I couldn't get the stain out and had to throw them out. Luckily I've got a new pair now so everything is right in the world. 

I slipped out of them and went to The Well and Tiki Disco in my t-shirt. There we hid in the shade and drank beer and danced. When I walked home the sky got pitch black and I got drenched from the monsoon. 

Another day we had ice cream in McCarren Park.


And another beers in Williamsburg before going to Harlem for some bar hopping with Daniel's friend Josef.


On a very very hot day we escaped to the Whitney Museum in Meatpacking. 

And after we bought some sandwiches that we had in a small park in West Village before walking cross town to Miss Lily's for beers.

One afternoon I met up with them at Welcome to the Johnson's and we had PBR's for 2 bucks and a couple of shots in the middle of the day. Then we went to Nicolas' friends party at her crêperie where we took over a table in the back. 


And then it was this night when I met up with them in Soho for oysters and burgers and beer. We continued with drinks in secret bars on Lower East and then to Greenpoint where we made new friends on the sidewalk outside a hiphop club and got groped on the dance floor, by women for a change.

How I miss this city and these people <3

All photos are Linn's.