Q&A part two

Hi loves! Here is the second part of the Q&A.

What kind of meal drives you crazy?
I absolutely hate oysters and sometimes I almost get disgusted when other people eat it next to me. Ew. 

What kind of food would you love at Christmas?
I love Christmas food! The Swedish tradition of herring, ham, potatoes, meatballs, homemade bread, mustard. YUM. And the candy of course. My family has this tradition of making Ris a la Malta which is like a rice pudding but sweeter that we eat with homemade strawberry jam. It's to die for.

Which food do you commonly have on the weekends?
When I live alone I don't spend that much time cooking on the weekends. Not more than I do during the weeks. I mostly buy veggies and cheeses and stuff to mix into a sallad. But if I'm hungover you can't go wrong with some sort of creamy pasta. 

 Brunch with Ludde, Louis and Hana at Bar Primi in New York.

Brunch with Ludde, Louis and Hana at Bar Primi in New York.

What type of desserts you must have every now and again (or frequently)?
I love everything with chocolate. Give me anything with chocolate on it and I'll happily eat it.

Do you like cooking or you are more like "I'm starving, what can I get quickly?”
I enjoy cooking, but I'm not very good at it. I don't know what goes with what and so on. But if I have a recipe, a lot of time and good music I think cooking is very relaxing. But it's also much more fun if you're cooking with someone. Cooking alone is boring as fuck.

Do you have any nicknames?
In Sweden most of my family and friends calls me Frida. Some of them call me Reggan or Reggi. But my friends from school all call me Frids or Friri or Fritzy and what not. Basically just take Fri and add whatever you want after and I will react.

What's your favorite animal?
I'm IN LOVE with otters. When I was at the zoo as a kid I would spend the whole day leaning against the glass looking at them swimming and sleeping. Ugh they're so cute. And how they hold hands when they sleep so they won't float away from each other! Come on <3333 And of course dogs. You can't forget about em pups.

 Hustlin at The James Hotel in New York.

Hustlin at The James Hotel in New York.

Out of all the places you've visited in the world, which is your absolute favorite?
New York. I feel so at home there and it gives me so much energy in terms of everything. But I also loved Brazil. I was only 11 when my family went there, but I remember enjoying it so much. The whole trip was amazing. We travelled from Rio to Ilha Grande to Sao Paulo where we went to the wedding of my parents friends. I would love to go back and experience it on my own or with friends. 

How did you figure out you wanted to attend Miami Ad School?
I found out about the school after spending some time on google. I had no idea what I wanted to do, except for writing. So I started to look over which direction I could go and I stumbled upon MAS and thought it sounded like a cool place to go. I'm so happy I applied. 

How do you like it in Germany?
Coming back from my internships I realized how small and, to be honest, boring Hamburg is. But, the nice thing about being in a small city where not much is going on is that you'll spend so much time with the people you know. Me and my friends here have become so close, since you do everything together. But Germany in general is a nice country to be in. Berlin is one of my favorite cities in the world and it's so cheap which makes it so much easier to explore.

 Working on myself in Berlin.

Working on myself in Berlin.

What do you miss most of the places you've lived but no longer live in?
Stockholm: My friends and family. And that feeling you have when you're in your hometown. Like you know every single corner of the city. That's a nice feeling.

London: Walking out of the office on a Friday and seeing people drinking beer outside the pubs and the air smells of smoke and perfume. 

Berlin: The kebabs and the tiny supermarket on my corner that sold 5 avocados for 1 €. Going out and not spending a fortune. Walking by the canal in Neukölln on a sunny winter morning. 

New York: Walking through Soho after work to go meet a friend on Lower East for a beer, the cheap dumplings on East Broadway, the view from the J train when going over the bridge to Brooklyn, the feeling of it being a vacation even though I worked a lot.

Cat or dog?

Beer or wine?
Beer for getting drunk, wine with food. 

To shop a little but expensive or shop a lot and cheap?
I would have to say a lot and cheap. I'm such a shopaholic, it's a joke. I need to work on that. 

Make out sober or make out drunk?
It depends. Any making out is great! I mean a hook up on a night out can be perfect. But I think the best is when it's with someone you really like and you're at home cooking food and you just have to kiss him because he looks so focused when slicing the tomatoes or when waking up in the morning and you're cold and his warm arms are wrapped around you. 

To eat pizza once a day for the rest of your life or NEVER eating pizza again?
Never eating pizza again. I'm not that big of a fan of pizza to be honest. I prefer burgers. I don't really get the concept of a pizza. Especially not fancy pizzas. I like a greasy, disgusting one when I'm hungover but otherwise nah. 

To have 5 cute teacup pigs that never grow up and are supercool or go on a date with Ryan Gosling?
I think I'll go for the pigs. They sound awesome and Ryan is a dad now. So I'll let him go.

To never go back to Sweden or never go back to New York?
NO! Don't do this to me. I guess I have to say to never go back to New York... However it would be a miserable cranky Frids who's stuck up in Sweden. 

 Clothes &lt;3333333

Clothes <3333333

I just have to say I love your style! What inspires you when it comes to fashion?
Thank you! For me fashion is something that should reflect your personality and your mood. And the main thing for me is that it should be fun and not something that makes me uncomfortable with myself or my body. And the best way to do that is to not give a fuck. I love it when something is a little "off" in an outfit. I don't really like it when it's perfectly put together and everything matches. So I wear longer t-shirts as dresses to make people think I forgot my pants, I match my overalls with striped t-shirts so that I look like an 8 year old boy with boobs, I break off my faux fur with sneakers and pigtails. I like it chill and not too thought through. If it turns out that you end up in a little bit of a flashing situation when sitting down in your miniskirt, who cares? Just let them see it and go for another skirt tomorrow. It's just clothes.

How did you and Elton meet?
He was also in New York on an internship, so I met him through friends of mine who were at the same agency as him.

Do you know if he reads your blog? If he does, how do you feel writing about him knowing he will see it?
I don't know if he reads it or not. It doesn't matter. I don't write for him to see it, I write because that's my way of processing and dealing with things. And if he happens to read it, then so be it.

Hi Frida! I'm in a desperate need for some good music. Can you share some of your playlists?
Hi! Of course. Here's my Hamburg playlist. If you check out my profile on Spotify you'll find all my playlists. Hope you like <3

Could you compare the cities you've studied/worked in and say what you like the most and the least about them and maybe compare your own experience on how they were different in how you were welcomed and so on?
Sure! So, I've studied in Hamburg and I did three internships in London, Berlin and New York.

To study in Hamburg is cool. But as I mentioned before it's really small and quiet as a city. Germans are pretty rough as well and not very "friendly". I mean, I have a lot of German friends, but in terms of like service and how you interact with them in your daily life they're not what I would call welcoming. They also struggle a bit with their English from time to time and they think it's really annoying when you don't speak German. I'm generalizing obviously, but still. Everything I like about Hamburg is connected to school and my friends, not so much about the city itself. But it's pretty, that's for sure.

London is the complete opposite. I LOVE London. The Brits are friendly and there is constantly something going on. I feel like London is a place where anyone will find their place. I've lived there as a naive teenager running around Dalston with a K-Cider in my hand, working in a jeans shop and paying way too much rent and I've lived there as a copywriter intern who has responsibilities and I have to say, it's not a lot that keep the two apart. And that's what I love about London. You can be messy and fucked up and all over the place, and it's okay. The worst thing about London is that it's so expensive. 

Berlin was not good at all when it came to work, but that was only because the agency wasn't a good fit for me. Me and my team didn't really got to be a part of the rest of the creative team and it was really lonely at the office. But outside of work it was great. Berlin is such a big international city with cheap food, cheap drinks, cheap everything. I ate out almost everyday and I spent less money than I did in any other quarter of school. It's very chill and dirty and people don't give a shit about anything. I lived in Neukölln and didn't go west once. West Berlin is like a whole other city, and I'm not that big of a fan of that side. I prefer the dirt.

New York is just amazing. Americans are pro's at making you feel welcomed and they are so easy to talk to. Even though it's hard to get to know them, since they ask a lot of questions but don't talk a lot about themselves, they give off such good energy. And the city itself is a DREAM. But I think we've covered the fact that I'm a sucker for it already. It's my favorite place to live and work in. So hopefully I will be able to go back SOOOOOON. 

Thanks for all your questions! <3