How to get through a Sunday

I have a headache today after having spent last night drinking vodka cranberries in a smokey bar. I feel the nervousness creeping up on me over my aching chest and I just want to stay in bed all day even though I know it'll make me even more depressed. So what do you do on a Sunday when everything in this damn city is closed and all you can think of are those arms you want around you? Well, this:

  • Watch something cry-proof that will put you in a good (or at least better) mood. My go-to is Glee and I will recommend it to anyone who's heart is hurting and who need to watch something that's the perfect amount of funny and romantic without being annoying. Skip the episode in which they honor Cory Monteith though. It will kill you if you're already a little sensitive. Just a tip.
  • Fake shop. Just put everything you want in the check out cart and then it kind of feels like you're shopping without spending money. Trust me, it works.
  • Look at pictures of cute animals. Or if you actually have an animal, cuddle with it all day long. Days like this I wish I had a little pup to hug. But, my pinterest board will have to do. 
  • Clean your apartment/room/house. Put on angry music and play it loud and clean every little millimeter of your space. When you're done you can sit down on your bed and eat some chocolate.
  • Work. On whatever there is you can work on. Write in your diary, record a song, do homework, organize your deskdop, work on your portfolio (which is what I am doing). Take your mind off what bothers you and focus 100 %. It's hard as fuck, but once you get in the zone I feel like you do better than usual. I've been so productive these last couple of weeks, I'm actually a little amazed by myself.
  • Cook yourself something nice. I went to the store yesterday and bought pasta, chanterelles, cream, onions and fresh parsley that I'm going to turn into a yummy mushroom pasta tonight. Usually I hate cooking for myself, but when you take your time and maybe have a Glee episode on Netflix in the background, it can be quite nice.

And last but not least, chill the fuck out. Accept the fact that you're feeling sad or angry or disappointed or whatever you're feeling. Let yourself feel it and know that it's okay. And you're not alone. If only we could start a Sunday depression club where we could all gather online and give each other virtual hugs and send each other videos of dogs sleeping or something. 


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