Portfolio sneak peak.

As you already know I'm in the middle of getting my book together. And since you guys are my biggest cheerleader squad I thought I'd give you a little sneak peak. Because obviously you've been waiting for this since forever, am I right?

I'm going for a very simple and straight forward design. Basically because that's what I like to look at myself. It will be one long scroll page where all my projects will appear after each other. The landing page will look like this. Hej!

And as you hover over the text it will turn into a photo of yours truly. Not this one though. I'm gonna have one of my classmates take one in the studio next week. It's hard with portfolio/cv photos though, huh? I need to figure out how to look drop dead gorge without posing too hard... 

As you scroll down you can read a little about me-text.

And as you scroll further down you'll find my work. The titles will light up in bright yellow as you hover over and click it. Then you'll be "transferred" to another page where you'll find the project.

Our teacher wants us to include something personal in our portfolios. I was always so hesitant towards this and I knew from the beginning that I wanted my book as clean and simple as possible. Both content wise and navigation wise. But, since he was pushing it so hard I decided to include some songs in between the projects. It's just me covering some of my favorite songs in a capella together with a little story from the time I was into that song, so nothing special really. More like a fun little detail that people easily can ignore if they want.

Skärmavbild 2015-08-13 kl. 15.45.14.png

And that's how it will go on! I only have a few projects to finalize and some detail work like the picture and of course to spell check everything a hundred times over. And then it's done!

What do you guys think?