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I found my old external hard drive that has A LOT of goodies on it. Let's take a look!

This is in May 2011. I'm 18 years, old wearing orange and drinking cocktails at Sommar! with Filip. 

In June same year I graduated high school.

During summer I went to Lisa's summer house on the west coast. LISA <3 <3 <3 I miss her so much.

We had cake because she turned 19.

And then I went to Spain with my family. 

In September this babe and I went to New York. One month in my favorite city with my favorite person = best trip ever. 

It was summer and we did nothing but spend money and have a good time.

DSC_0069 copy.jpg

We lived on Bleecker Street with this view.

I was lucky that year because after going home to Sweden for a month, I went back to NYC with my family, grandpa and his wife for a long weekend. Now it was fall and the park was more beautiful than ever.

And then it was new years! 2011 turned into 2012 and we watched the fireworks from Ivar Lo's park that has the most beautiful view over Stockholm.

Lisa, Camilla and Kristiina <3

DSC_0112 copy.jpg

In February Lisa and I moved to London. 

We hung out with Linn, got jobs we hated, lived lives we loved.

Winter turned into spring. 

And we spent every night with Linn and Kalle getting into trouble. That was when we were constantly out of money, our jobs didn't matter and you didn't know if it was Wednesday or Saturday because no one cared. 

Efes in Dalston was our second living room and we brought Swedish sweets for the bouncers who'd shout our names and not let us stand in line. As close to VIP I'll ever be. 

When we weren't at Efes we were most likely in Linn and Olivia's backyard having a smoke talking about boys complaining about money, or rather lack there of.

Or on Erik and Ludde's roof by London Fields, drinking wine and listening to Fleetwood Mac and gossiping about our friends at home. 

Jesper came to visit.

And on my 20th birthday I had my first tattoo done! My little boat. 


I went to Spain for a week to hangout with my family and get some freckles.


And all of a sudden it was September and I moved back home to Stockholm.

But I went back to London as soon as I could to hang out with these freaks for a weekend.

For some reason I don't have any photos from December to May. Might be because I was depressed and didn't do anything but work and sleep for 5 months. BUT, summer came and I lived in this lovely little apartment on Södermalm and my friends came home from abroad so it turned around. 

And in June 2013 Jesper graduated high school!

We celebrated Midsummers at Axel's. I think this was the year we got locked out of the house with all the food and alcohol inside. It was a disaster for about an hour until the security company came and opened up and all went back to normal. THANK GOD.

I went to Spain with my family. Again. We like Spain. 

And we're finishing this throwback with a photo from my 21st birthday! I had a picnic in Vitabergsparken with all my besties and then I got drunk dancing to funk at F12.

After this I worked for a while, went to Spain AGAIN and then I started Miami Ad School. Funny how life has it's era's. 

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