Friends 21 years.

My favorite tv-show of all time celebrated 21 years since the premiere yesterday. FRIENDS! It's one of my very amazing skills, quoting every episode. So in order to honor this magical show I put together my favorite moments/quotes/outfits/etc. This is probably as nerdy as I'm ever gonna get, so enjoy it while you can people. 

Favorite characters. It's like choosing which one of my future kids are my faves, but here we go.

Ross. Because he's so awkward and annoying. Also, his musical dreams, I totally relate.

Phoebe. Because how can you not?

Chandler. Because he's literally me.


Favorite moments

Ross' Sandwich. Season 5, episode 9. 

Phoebe drinks for the kids. Season 6, episode 25. 

Ross and his leather pants. Season 5, episode 11.

Favorite lines.


Favorite outfits. Rachel's overall/mom jean/men's shirt-game in season one is strooooong.


Favorite Ross/Monica moments. My brother and I could be them. We are them. 

And the best outtake of them all.