New Years Eve

Hey babes! 2016, huh? I started it by waking up in Williamsburg. Next to a teddy bear in a kid's bed wearing last night's velvet jumpsuit with a v-neck going all the way down to there which had twisted slightly, putting my left boob on full display. Felt like a winner waking up. I readjusted my clothing, put my hair in a pony and made it out for some pancakes, Advil and mimosas before heading home where I am now chillin like a villain on the couch watching the worst movie of all time: Hangover 3. Anyways, let's take a quick look at what I was up to last night. I took like 4 photos in total so...

Started out this pretty, feeling fresher than ever. I went to Williamsburg to meet up with Sanna and her three friends who're visiting from Sweden. We had dinner while listening to Justin Bieber and pre tasting some of the bubbly. 

Then we jumped into an Uber and went home to Sanna in Prospect Heights where her roommates were having a little party. We stole some of the leftovers, highjacked the Sonos and danced around the coffee table until it was time to make it up on the roof. 

And as we counted down to 2016 the fireworks went off and we toasted for a new year.

After having hugged and danced a little and finished our champagne that wasn't champagne we went back to Williamsburg where we escaped from annoying boys, danced to bad techno, watched drunk(er) people get carried out of the club and played with the balloons covering the ceiling. I also got punched (by accident) and survived a whole night in (6 cm) heels. 

And then that year was over. Hope you all had a fun night! <3

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