Frida Gyllenhaal

Hi friends! How are you? Omg I've missed you! I've had the best week since we last spoke and I've done so much. My friend Frida has been sleeping next to me and we've been running around town like loons. I took Frida to my favorite spots and she had a bunch of places that she wanted to visit so we've been EVERYWHERE. And we captured everything on 6 rolls of analogue film so as soon as we develop it I'll post it here. It's so great to have a friend who's a photographer. I don't think I've ever had as pretty of a documentation of a vacation as this one. Hopefully. 

But the best thing that has ever happened to me happened this weekend. On Sunday we went to one of my favorite brunch spots, Russ & Daughters. We put our names down for a table and as we walked out of the place we walk past Maggie Gyllenhaal and her daughter as they enter the restaurant. Frida and I go crazy as Maggie is probably the coolest actress in the world? And we hope we'll get our table as soon as possible so we get to see her in there too. When we go back, about 30 minutes later to get our table we make jokes about how maybe she's meeting Jake for breakfast. Ha ha ha. As if. However, as the waitress shows us to our table I see that she's sitting with a man at the table. As we walk past them I see it. IT IS HIM! I'm dying and everything starts to spin because hello, Jake Gyllenhaal is my future husband. He just doesn't know it yet. But now he probably will. I text my best friend Linn's bf Daniel, because he always tease me about how he and Linn sat right next to Jake in New York a few years ago and I always want to punch him in the face out of jealousy. But then the best thing happens. As I take off my coat, I catch him checking me out!!!! I'm not even kidding. He totally wants to marry me at this point. And I'm just so happy that I got the chair facing him and not Frida's who's with her back towards him (sorry Frida). I think I can see a hint of a smile and I'm trying to look as charming as I can. When he stands up to go to the bathroom a few minutes later it happens again. AGAIN! And I WISH I was brave enough to say something, but come on. I'm not made out of steel. At this point I can barely stand up, nonetheless speak to Jake fucking Gyllenhaal. So now he'll think of me as the one who got away and I won't have to sleep with anyone for years. 

I will get back to you with photos and more stories etc soon. Now I need to catch up on some work. 


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