Answers to some comments.

Yo! Here are my answers to some questions I've gotten the past few months in the comments. Btw sorry for being the slowest of the slowest on getting back to y'all. 

How tall are you?
I'm a tall one! 178 cm or 5'8". Making it awkward on Tinder dates since 2014.

I have to ask you something! How come you write so much about moving to New York and living there and being so excited about it, when you don't know how it's gonna turn out? I mean don't you think it'll be kind of an anti climax for your readers when you decide to move home?
Eh no. I write this blog as a diary (or at least I try to) and that means writing about my emotions and thoughts. And I was excited about moving here. I still am excited to be here! I love this city and I love everything I've experienced when being here since the fall. But situations change and people change and that results in taking decisions you might not have thought you would have taken. So no, I don't see it as an anti climax. I see it as a continuing story. And I'm happy that (at least most of) you like to follow that story.

My mom is turning 60 and we're going to New York to celebrate. I want to take her out for a nice drink as part of her birthday gift. Where should I go? Help pleaseeee!
I'd go to either Jimmy at The James, the champagne bar at The Plaza (for the more touristy-luxury-Gossip Girl-experience) or Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg. Happy birthday to mom!

Your style is awesome. If you had to buy a coat today what would it be? I need one and I have no inspiration. 
Ah I want a coat too!!! I'm so over my fur, I feel like throwing it out the window as we speak. And my wool coat is short and black and not at all what I'm feeling right now. My dream coat at the moment is a long camel wool coat. I'm so fucking tired of everything I wear. It's all black and sweaters and gross. And my most stylish friend Frida is coming on Wednesday and I'm sure that won't make me feel better about myself (hint to Frida that I will steal whatever she's bringing). Anyways. I feel like a long (like almost all the way down to the ankles long) camel coat would be a nice face lift for my style right now.  

It was a while a go that you wrote something longer. About love. Can't wait till you post a longer piece again.
This made me so happy I could cry. You're the sweetest little babybooboo in the world <3 <3 <3 Honestly though, there is nothing that makes me happier than when people compliments my writing so knowing that you want me to write so you can read it makes my heart flutter. Thank you. About the love though - there's not much of it right now. There's more like me staring and drooling and making a complete fool out of myself, but that might be fun to read (and write) about too. I'll see what I can do. 

You're the best! No protest! Puss!

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