Goals for 2016

After having read Linn's post about how to structure your life (or at least your year) I felt like now is a great time for me to do the same. Not so much because of the new year, but because I'm about to start over in a way. I have a pretty clear idea of how I want this year to be like, without having any clue. As per ush. 

I have personal goals and professional goals and I think it's important to have them. I always tend to say that I never follow through with my goals, but that's not true. There are so many things that I've wanted to achieve and that I've gone for. So I think it's a good thing to set up a few aims without making it about succeeding or failing. Good vibes only, as we say.

Professional goals

1. Find a job in Stockholm. Let's just start with the basics, shall we. I would love to end up in an agency where I get to work with fashion brands and/or music labels, as that's where my heart is at. I think I would be really damn good at it. (wink wink to anyone reading this who's looking for a PR-consultant/project manager within these fields)

2. Record a demo. I have so many songs written down on my phone it's insane. I need to structure them up, give them a sound (as far as my non existent skills on the guitar and garageband goes) and record them. Since one of the reasons for my moving back home is to being able to focus on my music, this feels like a good way to start. 

3. Reach out to people who might be able to pull strings in the music business and make them listen to my demo. Once done with my demo I'm gonna make everyone listen to it. It's scary as fuck, because I've never ever played my own stuff for anyone before. Except when being 8 years old and recording on a tape recorder in my room in front of my Britney-altar. And that's kind of what I'm scared of, that it will sound like a 8 year old made it. 

4. Put more energy and time on this blog. It gives me so much and I should give it some too. I feel like I'm constantly struggling with finding my "style". Because I'm not a "this is what I made for dinner this is what I'm wearing this is what me and my friend did on a Sunday evening"-kind of blogger. At least I don't think so? Maybe I should try it out more? Yeah, you hear me - I'm a bit confused on where I want to take this blog and how I want to take it there. But I want to figure it out! And I hope to do so with you. *squad*

Personal goals

1. Spend time with my Swedish friends. Another reason for why I'm moving home. I miss my friends in Sweden so much. I've always been a very social person with many close friends and it breaks my heart a little when I see how my BFF's are out eating and being up to date with each other while I haven't been there for over 2 years now. 

2. Start dancing again. I danced my whole childhood, from that I was 5 till I was 16 and it's really the only exercise that I enjoy except for yoga. When I get to Stockholm I want to start taking classes again, maybe trying something new instead of hip-hop and disco like I did before. Ballet has always been a dream. If anyone in Stockholm dances and knows a good studio (of any kind of dance), hit me up! 

  Me and my grandma at Fotografiska in October.

Me and my grandma at Fotografiska in October.

3. Make an effort to see my family more. Not really my parents and brother, because I see plenty of them whenever we're in the same city lol. But my grandparents, my aunts and uncles and my cousins. I'm lucky to have a family that are so kind and funny and that loves each other so much. I should nourish that and take more advantage of having them around. 

4. Spend more time on cooking. The fact that I love food is no secret, but living in New York doesn't really go hand in hand with cooking. I try to cook as much as possible, but it always ends up being the quickest, easiest thing (pasta) and that doesn't necessarily means the most delicious or healthiest. I want to get into a routine where dinner means cooking. Not ordering Seamless. 

5. Spend (a little) more, buy less. This year (I've said this so many times before) I want to stop buying unnecessary items that I fall in love with while passing a store on my lunch break and start saving up for more essential, statement items. I'm gonna start building the perfect base in my closet and then add some pop with the stuff that make my style mine. (Blog post idea: the perfect wardrobe??? Yeah?)

6. Get some sun. This will be the first time in two years that I get to go on summer vacation! I'm beyond excited about that, having spent the last two summers far away from any beach, in Hamburg. I want to go to the Mediterranean with friends and hopefully there will be a warm Sweden-summer, because honestly - nothing beats that. 

I'm adding an alarm on my phone now for June 1st, to check and see how I've done. To be continued...

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