Well hello there. I'm at work! Out in the world! Seeing things! Talking to people! It feels great after having been sick for a million years. And it just happens to be Friday, 15 degrees and sunny which is the ultimate weather and I have a weekend filled with fun stuff ahead of me. 

Even though I've been working from my home office (my bed) this week I've also had time to chill and waste time/money on the internet. Let me show you what I've been up to. 

My longtime crush and imaginary lover Dylan Rieder passed away this week from cancer. I don't know if it was the fever or just me being a tad over emotional these days, but I found myself incredibly sad from the news. I don't know shit about skating or whatever, I just know that he was the prettiest boy on earth. I spent all Wednesday watching videos of him skate. Take a look for yourselves and drool/cry. 

I bought the loveliest top from Staud that I will wear every Saturday night from the day I get it. Look at the fluff! Can't wait to pass out in a cab on that softness. Find it here.

Queen Solange (who is my No. 1 Knowles) dropped her KILLER album a little while ago and with that a video for both Don't Touch My Hair and Cranes In The Sky. I've watched this so many times. The dance scenes with Sampha is reason enough. 

And... I've decided on my next tattoo! Baby. Exactly how she has it, on the outer upper arm. My friends laugh at me and that makes me wanna get it even more. I think this might be my last one though. Then it's done. Over and out. I don't want my arms to feel cluttered and fill them with ink. But this one, I have to have it.

Have a lovely weekend!


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