Sick Sunday

You guys it's October? When did that happen? Yesterday I was walking around Greenpoint, down to Williamsburg and all the way over to Bushwick with Nicole and it smelled like wet leaves in every corner. We sat down for a glass of red wine and talked about our dream men (tall brunettes with big smiles and sparkly eyes that cooks for you, love dogs and never stop touching you) and how your lips can be a very efficient tool to shut a guy up. When we got hungry and cold we went to Desi Grill and had Indian with a cockroach that we later killed with our wine bottle. Here I started to feel a little sick, but decided to ignore it because who wants to be sick on a Saturday night? Instead I met up with Nicolas for a drink that I spilled out (story of my life) so he got me another one which I couldn't finish because I felt like I was gonna throw up all over the table. You guys probably don't know this, but I have the BIGGEST phobia of throwing up. I haven't done it since I was a kid and I start shaking and panicking and everything turns into a shit show. Fortunately Nico is aware of this, so we walked around for a little bit hoping that some fresh air and movement would make it go away. But then poor guy still had to hold my bag and watch me hurl on the corner of Flushing and Knickerbocker like a drunk teenager. If he wasn't over me before, then that sure outta do it. I managed to pull myself together though without any bigger damage and we walked over to King Noodle. After having stared at him eating a bowl of noodles, unable to speak and even more unable to drink the coke he got me, I decided it was time to go home. So I got in a cab and then spent the whole night watching my Indian food come up. Lovely.

Anyway. This wasn't supposed to be about the fact that my "Vomit Free since -03" strike is now over. I just wanted to check in, say hi and thank you for being the sweetest group of people on the internet. Except for my not so satisfactory end of Saturday, this weekend was a lot of fun. More on that soon. Now I'm gonna make myself a cup of tea and watch Gilmore Girls.