Q&A #1

I've spent this weekend without a voice, but luckily I can still type so here's the first round of Q&A. Hope you're having a good weekend! <3

How are you doing?

I’m good, thank you.

Favorite movies?

Dirty Dancing. Johnny & Baby forever.

Favorite people?

All my friends, lovers and family. And Jake Gyllenhaal.

What are your favorite songs at the moment?

Here are all my favorite songs right now!

What stuff do you read on the internet? Favorite blogs?

The tabs I open first thing everyday are The New York Times, Man Repeller, High Snobiety and Pitchfork. (And in case my bosses would read this: my e-mail, drive, slack and calendar.) When it comes to blogs… This might sound stupid because I’m writing one, but I’m not that into any right now. Of course I read my friends and a few ones that I’ve followed for a really long time. But I feel like everything is so staged and planned out and sponsored nowadays that they all look the same. I guess I’m mostly reading blogs from people that are in the same network so makes sense that they all go to the same places, get approached by the same companies for sponsorships and write about the same things. But honestly I feel like it’s kind of killing the beauty of blogging which used to be so diverse and personal. Now it just feels like I’m opening up a glossy magazine that’s so well thought through and curated. That’s not what I find fun and charming about blogs.

Favorite books?

I love biographies. Just Kids by Patti Smith, Life by Keith Richards. And I love On the Road by Jack Kerouac.

Describe your dream house/apartment/living space

I have two dreams. One is an apartment with high ceilings, massive windows and light wooden floors. Big balcony/terrace and on the top floor. Preferably in an old building so that there are old touches to the otherwise modern and sleek design. The other dream is a house, by the beach maybe, with a garden where I’ll grow tomatoes and avocados. It should be homey and cute and warm. Bikes leaning against the walls and stuff. This is the dream.

What were you like when you were younger?

A freckly, gap toothed kid who'd spent hours in front of her mirror singing If I Can Dream by Elvis followed by Oops I Did It Again by Britney (still know the dance). An older sister in every sense of the word. And still am. Emotional. Stubborn. Protective. As a kid I was happy. Spontaneous. I was the one who’d initiate trouble among my friends. I was very mean to my brother, but overprotective and his bff at the same time. As a teenager I was scared. Kind. Quiet. Loud. I was the kind of girl who was in the cool group, but not the girl the guys wanted to make out with. I was just tall and awkward looking. And sometimes a bit of a bitch.

What's your attitude towards drugs?

I think people should be able to do what they want. Since I moved abroad my attitude towards it has changed completely, because all of a sudden I was exposed to it. I don't take any, but I really don't care. You do you.

Any secret dreams that are not so secret you feel like sharing them here?

Oh many! Write a book, write an album, write a tv-show. Learn how to play the piano. Have sex with Jake Gyllenhaal. And honestly, when the time is right and all that - can’t fucking wait to be a mom and a wife and have a house and that whole thing. And get my drivers license!

What do you think/hope you & your life will be like when you're an old lady?

I hope I can look back at my life and be proud of myself. I hope I’ve lived to the fullest, said what I’ve wanted to say, done what I’ve wanted to do. I hope I’ve opened up completely, fully to someone and experienced what it feels like to have that person reciprocate. I hope I'm still curious and openminded. I hope I feel content and happy and that I still have my strong gut feeling that keeps guiding me through life. I hope I have fun!

 The dream &lt;3

The dream <3

What's your style when it comes to guys?

Charm is the most important thing. He needs to have a warmth in his eyes, you know what I'm saying? I want him to be funny, kind and confident. He has to love to make out with me, eat good food and listen to good music. I want him to teach me things. He should have a hobby, an interest. Doesn’t matter what it is, just that he cares about something you know. I love tall guys, brunettes, the ones who laugh the loudest, the ones who dress nice. Mmmm boys <3

What are you scared of?

Lately I’ve been thinking so much about how short life is. It scares me. The fact that I could be dead tomorrow scares me. Not the actual death part, but the  missing out on things part. Fuck.

How will it be between you and Linn and Daniel now that you're not dating his brother anymore? Won't that be awkward as fuck?

At first I didn't want to answer this because it's something that's not only personal and sensitive to me but also to someone who I really care about. But it is a weird situation when you guys read my blog, read Linn's blog and probably know and assume a lot of things. So what I will say is that all three of these people are really important to me. But the friendship I have with my best friend and her boyfriend is completely separate from my relationships. No matter who it's with. And I honestly think it's kind of sad how you're almost expected to hate on the person who breaks up with you and if you don't people think you are naive and fooling yourself. Every relationship is its own. They start in different ways and they end in different ways. And this particular one was with an amazing person who I will always have so much love for. I don't believe in throwing people away, just because you're not with them in the way you used to. He's a good one and you should keep the good ones close. If not literally then at least in your heart. So no. It won't be awkward as fuck. Now we let this go, okay?

What do you like the most and least about yourself?

Oh I love this! I like that I’m kind and that I care about people. I like that I’m at ease with myself, that I don’t feel the need to prove myself and that I genuinely think I’m a great person. And I say that as humbly as possible. I like that I’m brave and that I go after what I want. I like that I’m spontaneous and impulsive and driven by my emotions. It keeps things interesting.

I don’t like the fact that I’m so impatient. Waiting for things is THE WORST. Doesn’t matter if it’s the subway, a person, a text, a food delivery. I want it now. I need to work on that because I think it makes me take hasty decisions. I’m very impulsive. Which can be good, but you know. Sometimes thinking about something twice can be a good thing. And also I say the word hate way to much. “I hate this and I hate that”. 

I've never been on a date! And I'm scared because I'm going on one this weekend. Help!!!

Okay first of all good on ya! The best thing about going on a date is that you can just ditch if he’s/she’s a loser. I’m always a little nervous, that’s normal. But what’s the worst thing that could happen? I was on a date the other week where I felt like falling asleep the whole time and at the end of it he tried to kiss me, but instead I just patted his shoulder. It was awkward, but walking away from it I realized that I won’t see him again so who cares? It’s so much fun to meet new people and let them take you to new places you’ve never checked out before. And also, making out. Hubba hubba. 

How should a good friend be like?

A good friend is someone reliable. Someone who sticks to what they say and who doesn’t judge your decisions. Or, they can judge, but they still respect your choice. It’s someone who’s up for having fun and for not doing anything at all. And having a best friend that you can tell everything too without hesitation, that’s seriously the best fucking thing in the world.

Are you vegan?

Nope! I eat meat, but not very often. I try to stick to fish and veggies, but I’m not cutting anything out completely. Some of the best things in the world are cheese and eggs, so.


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