Q&A #2

Hi! Are you good? Hope you're good. I am good, only my wisdom teeth are coming out and I literally feel like I'm giving birth to tiny devil babies in the back of my mouth. Hurts like fuck and it's hard to focus on anything else. Anyway. Let's do the second round of the q&a. Lot's of New York, school and work and future stuff. The next one I was thinking about doing as a video! Fun huh?

How come you moved from Sweden? Any tips for someone who wants to do the same?

I moved because of work. I’d studied abroad and just didn’t feel like coming home just yet. There was a job in New York and it just felt like the time was right to go. And I’m so happy I did! You should read Linn's tips on how to move abroad. She does it better than I would. It's in Swedish, but Google Translate.

Why NY?

Well, I always wanted to live in New York at one point. I love it here. And so I applied to the agency I work for now and it all worked out.

What other places have you lived and if you move again, where do you wanna live?

I’ve lived in Stockholm, London, Hamburg, Berlin and New York. I’d love to live in Copenhagen and maybe Barcelona. And at some point in Stockholm again. And I also feel like I would love it in LA.

How does one find good friends (especially when moving to a new country but also in general)?

Most of my friends in New York are through social media or friends of friends. I go on friend dates all the time and I love it. I’ve said it before, but I love when you guys hit me up. So keep doing that! It’s a great way to meet people.

Do you have a good job now as a copywriter and do you like it?

I have a great job! I honestly don’t think I could’ve gotten a better job, in a better place, right after graduation. The agency I work for is great and the people are awesome. I’m learning so much and get to work on fun projects, so it’s really rad.

Do you plan to stay in NYC?

Yeah, for a while. I mean, not my whole life but I’m also not leaving tomorrow. I really don’t think about it much and I think that’s a sign that it feels right in this moment. So yeah, as of now I’m staying.

What are the best and worst things about living in NY? Or basically Pros and Cons.

The best things are the diversity, the tempo, the food, the boys, the bars, the people. The worst things are the subway in the morning, cockroaches, the disgusting winter, rent, that it can get really fucking lonely.

What are the biggest differences between you as a Swede and your American friends/co-workers?

I think as a Swede, or Scandinavian in general, I can come off as shy and not as chatty as my American friends or co-workers. I still struggle a lot with the American small talk in the office kitchen or with a salesperson in a store. Like, my biggest fear is being a regular at a coffee shop and having to say more than “Hi, could I get a small iced coffee please?” to the person behind the counter. And that’s not because I hate people, it’s because those conversations are so intimidating to me. The biggest accomplishment in my American life so far is knowing how to answer “What’s up?” and being aware of the fact that the person asking doesn’t actually want to know what is up with me. They’re just saying hello. Massive breakthrough.

That is the biggest difference I think. Americans are so nice, so friendly, so talkative. However, they are SO difficult to get to know and be close with. I’m the complete opposite. Might come off as a bitch before you know me, but when you do you’re fucking in there. I rarely let people out if they’ve gotten into my little heart.

What did you end up doing at your internships from MAS?

It was different from each one. But I basically worked in the same way I do today to be honest. Only I always worked with an art director. Now I concept a lot on my own. But they were very hands on and our mentors expected us to jump into work right away. So we’d get a brief, then usually whoever I worked with we’d sit down by ourselves for a few hours and just write down thought starters and first ideas that popped up during the briefing. The we get together and talk about that and from there work our way to a few concepts with executions. Then usually a couple of days later we present those to our boss.

Could you make a Hamburg guide?

Maybe in the future but right now I have so many other things I want to write that it’s not my prio. But check out the tag Hamburg for all my posts from there: http://www.fridareg.com/blog/?tag=hamburg

Have you always known what you wanted to do? Or how did your thinking go around work and education?

Not at all. Me being in advertising is so random. I just knew I wanted to write and I wanted to study abroad and then it just kind of happened. But this was never my dream. I want to sing and travel and I don't know... Open up a shop and fill it with things I like and let my friends show their art and have parties there. But each thing takes its time. Right now I’m doing this and I like my job, so it’s great.


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