Dreams do come true.

On Friday my life long dream of being Britney Spears came true. I got all stassed up in in hair extensions and this red plastic body suit while listening to Oops I Did It Again over and over again. If you've been living under a stone since 2000, here's what I was going for.

My baby Nicole came over with all the prosecco and we listened to all our favorite music while getting drunk and ready. Around midnight we jumped into a cab and went to China Chalet where the line went around the corner. I wanted to kill myself in my plastic suit that could be mistaken for a freezer, but we bonded with some people over cutters and all of a sudden we were in (read one and a half our later). 

We danced to techno remixes of Rihanna tracks, took a shot of gross tequila and smoked cigarettes by the tables. The place is a Chinese restaurant during the days that turns into a club at night where no rules seem to apply. It makes one hell of a party.

I found this dude who matched me and could've been my backup dancer. 

And another one! We became best friends and should hang out, in these outfits, all the time.

The lights went on sometime early in the morning and we jumped into a cab to go back to Brooklyn. Ended up eating noodles in bed and falling asleep as the big spoon. 

And Saturday started with a terrible headache, followed by brunch at Five Leaves followed by a stroll around East Village with this star. Ended the day with Dirty Dancing in bed with Stina, eating chocolate cake and drooling over Patrick Swayze.