Go high


Yesterday is finally over. We’ve cried, taken a couple of deep breaths, screamed our lungs out in protests and had a night’s sleep. And today the sky is blue. Now is the time when we make art, write music, write essays and poems. And in four years, when this is (because I have faith it will be) over we’ll sit on a cultural gold mine which will work as a reminder of how most of us think this is total bullshit. And on our way there, as we create and educate ourselves and help other people, we will burst the bubble that we live in. The bubble of friends who all have the same opinions, the bubble of only reading the magazines you relate to, the bubble of only listening to the people who share your ideology.  We need to open up other books, click on other links, listen to someone new and that will make it easier to work against results like the one on Tuesday.

It’s hard. To live in a world that is greedy, mean and egoistic. But we can, and we are, making it a kinder place. I’m so sure of it. Even if it’s moving in slow-fucking-motion. And when in doubt, remember what Michelle said: “When they go low, we go high.”

First thing you can do to go high is donating to Planned Parenthood. Just fucking do it. Trump will most likely bar the organization from receiving $500 million dollars in federal funds which threatens their whole business more than we can think of. Planned Parenthood is vital in the fight for women’s rights and it’s now up to us to keep their doors open for anyone in the need of contraception. In the need of an abortion. In the need of cancer screenings. In the need of guidance and education. It’s up to all of us to let women in the US have the right over their own bodies and have them treated without being scared of their president punishing them for it. It’s not the time to be ignorant, to close your eyes just because this is not happening in your own country. It’s happening. That’s all we need to know. Now donate for crying out loud.

Here's a link to a New York Magazine article on how to donate to different organizations in need.

Be kind to each other. Be openminded. Be supportive.

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