Veterans day and adios Sanna

Hi babies. I'm feeling extremely tired after a weekend of lots of drinks and lots of getting home too late. But it's been fun! Let's take a look.

We were off on Friday because of Veterans Day, so I met up with Nicole for breakfast in the morning. We went to a spot called Reunion and shared a avo toast and a massive pancake. Then we walked from Williamsburg to Bushwick in the sun and got each other up to speed on all our boys. We stopped at a vintage shop on Knickerbocker and touched some fur.

Then we walked along up to the Jefferson stop and a bit further where we waved at the apartment Nicole's moving into in a few weeks. It'll be nice to have my girl closer to me. Since it was 2pm and we were technically on vacation, we sat down at a bar called Boobie Trap on Irving Ave. The windows were open and the afternoon sun was bright.

A few hours and two beers later, we were in the mood for our Friday night to begin. So we went to my place, recharged on my bed for a few and then got ready to head out again. 

We went to Lower East Side to have dinner with Sara and Astrid. Like a true married couple they'd cooked us dinner and opened the wine bottles before we got there. Best couple dinner I've ever been to. We ate a delicious pasta and talked about everything from being bullied in school to the event Astrid and Sara hosted a few weeks back for their internship. When we were all full and drunk we went back to Brooklyn and hit up every bar in Bushwick and Williamsburg. Or at least that's what it felt like.

Yesterday I woke up with a bit of a headache which is not a big surprise. But after a slow day of hanging out in my bed and taking a short walk up to McCarren Park and back, I got ready for the night. There's no wasting time here. I dressed up in my prettiest top, from Staud, and jumped on the L to Bushwick where I was meeting up with Sanna and Jessica.

We went to King Noodle for dinner and drinks. The last time I was there I was nearly throwing up all over the bar, so it was nice to replace that memory with this one. Sanna, that idiot, is leaving town next week and what she did not know was that Jess and I had invited all of her friends to her apartment to surprise her. So we took our sweet ass time with drinks and then walked over to Sanna's to "change and have a few beers before going out".

I wish I had a photo from the surprise, cause it was probably the most successful one ever. We danced and drank and hugged and ate this beautiful cake. More and more people came and it was one hell of a party. 

Sara and I took this great photo together and around 2.30 the last troopers went to El Cortez to dance even more. Ended up getting a free cab ride home with Andreas and passed out as soon as I laid down in bed.

These weekends are killing me, but damn this city is fun.

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