One jacket, one weekend

This weekend I bought myself a furry soft jacket that will keep me warm for... not that much longer, because it's not that warm. But it's very pretty so it was worth it anyway. I didn't take it off all weekend.

On Friday night I went out with Sanna and got drunk because she was moving back to Sweden the day after. I can't even write about that because I miss her so much already. Anyway. Märta took this photo of Sanna, me, Alvin and Martin that I think represent the night pretty well. I realize now that I'm not wearing the jacket, most likely because I'd already managed to spill some pina colada over it...

Had a hungover from hell on Saturday, but made it out anyway. The jacket made things much better. I walked around Williamsburg, ate stuff and then gave Sanna one last hug before she went to the airport. And then I went to Bed Stuy to eat Mexican with Nicole and Emma. We fell asleep watching Skam before I took an Uber home in the pouring rain. 

And then it was Sunday and it was cold as fuck. This was the day I learnt that this jacket is not my winter jacket. But even so, I put on a million layers and made it up to Beco to eat some eggs for brunch. 


Then Nicole and I went into the city to try on some denim at Metropolis. After a few hours of freezing our asses off we went back to Brooklyn and warmed up with red wine at Enid's. Sara joined us too and all of a sudden it was 9.30, we were a little drunk and the weekend was over.

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