Upstate weekend

Monday today. It was rough to get back to work after a long weekend of nothing but pure bliss. But I managed and now Monday is over which is always a great thing. Let's take a look at a bunch of photos of Nicole and I being in our natural habitat. 

On Friday morning I met up with my little ray of sunshine in downtown Brooklyn to pick up our car. After we've purchased an USB chord for 20 bucks so that we could play music in the car and later realized that we could've just used one of our chargers, we felt like it was time to leave this money sucking city behind. To the tunes of Fleetwood Mac and Rolling Stones we cruised up north for 2 hours.

We got to the house, that is Nicole's family friends', and poured ourselves some whiskey first thing. Then we had hundreds of kilos of cheese and crackers and fig jam while talking about how to play our cards right with the boys we're making out with so that we're both guaranteed to get a New Years kiss. I'm trying to set Nicole up with a hot model who she could have really cute British babies with, but we'll see how it goes considering I don't even know him. But I'm confident I can wing my ass off and make it happen.

Then we made dinner and ate it in front of Gilmore Girls (the new season is out and it's so WEIRD) with a bottle of red wine. After almost falling asleep on the couch we got a new boost of energy and we ended up pouring up more whiskey while dancing to Abba in the kitchen till early morning.

On Saturday we woke up and had breakfast for hours before driving up in the mountains. Dressed in the most appropriate hiking gear we got muddy while making our way up to a beautiful waterfall. But clearly, I was the main attraction.


The feeling of being out in the woods, breathing fresh air and hearing the birds was almost a bit overwhelming. You almost forget that there is a world outside of New York City while you're in it.

Look at this???? Come on Earth.

We asked some dude to take a photo of us and this was as good as he could do. Somehow managing to crop both half our bodies and 90% of the waterfall out. At least we have our creepiest smiles on <3

After hours of nature we drove back home, stopping to buy cigarettes on the way because you can't be too good, and made a delicious dinner. Drinking wine, watching Glee, playing some scrabble. Like our true 70 year old selves. 

And Sunday morning it was time to drive back home to the city. Both of us felt like this. 

Such a nice way to spend a weekend, away from all the hysteria. Although I gotta say, driving back into the city felt like coming home.


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